How to change WiFi password on PC or phone?

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In this article, we will give you a detailed introduction, the steps to modify the WiFi password with a computer.


The router's WiFi password and WiFi name are configured and stored in the management page of the router. Therefore, when using a computer to modify the WiFi password, you first need to log in to the router's management page with your computer. The detailed setup steps are described below.

Tips: You can also use the phone to modify the WiFi password, the same steps as the computer to modify the WiFi password.

Computer modify WiFi Password Steps

1. First, look at the management page address of the router in the bottom sticker of your router.

Tips: The management page address of the router is usually called: management address, login address, router address, WEB address, and so on. And different routers, management page address is not the same, so be sure to check and confirm.

2. Secondly, in the browser of the computer, enter the management page address viewed in the previous step, open the management page of the router; enter the administrator password (login password) of the router, you can enter the management page, as shown below Shown.

Important hint: The computer used to modify the WiFi password needs to be connected to the router's LAN interface with a network cable. If a switch is connected to the router, it is ok to connect the computer to the switch.

3. Finally, in the management page of the router, find the wireless settings or Wi-Fi settings option to open, in the open interface, you can modify the WiFi password, WiFi name, as shown below.


(1). WiFi password You can customize the settings, but from a security perspective, it is recommended that the WiFi password contains: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols , and the password length is greater than 8 digits.

Because the WiFi password set in this way, the security is the highest, you can protect the security of WiFi, to avoid being hacked by others.

(2). Please note that if you only modify the WiFi password, but do not modify the WiFi name, then there may be problems with the phone, computer, tablet can not connect to the original WiFi signal .

The solution to this problem is also very simple, first delete the WiFi record information in the phone, computer , and then reconnect the WiFi signal, the system will prompt for the WiFi password. At this point, enter the modified WiFi password, you can connect to the original WiFi signal.


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