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How to change your laptop keyboard input from letters to numbers?

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Random laptop characters happens to all of us. Easy ways to fix this are included in this handy guide.

This problem is particularly annoying when letters become numbers when typing.

However, it is not a big problem. There is nothing actually wrong with your keyboard!


Key Mapping

Due to design constraints, laptop keyboards often have a very limited area. Similarly, key mapping is limited to save as much space as possible.


Sometimes a numeric keypad is removed on the right side. It’s therefore easy to accidentally switch the computer into numeric keypad mode without realizing.


Notebook manufacturers will still keep as much functionality as possible. But if you want to get the correct input, we will show you how to use the correct mode.


Generally speaking, some of the letter keys change to numbers for a reason. For example, if you press Fn + Num LK key together, the indicator light will be turn on.




Returning to Standard Mode


To switch back to the standard mode, you need to press Fn + Num LK key again.


Depending on your own laptop model, it may require different keys to operate. For example:


Fn + Num LK/Insert,
Fn + F11
Fn + F12
Shift + Num LK
●​​Fn + Scroll Lock and so on.


If the above solutions do not work, it’s always possible that there is some fault in your laptop but it is very rare.


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