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How to choose a full screen phone

BySteve Lowry 2018-05-24 9357

In the year of 2018, major mobile phone manufacturers have all released new flagships, and basically they are full-screen. Indeed, the design gives people a better look and feel. We introduce how to choose a suitable full-screen mobile phone from four aspects: processor, photographing, fast charging, and fingerprint identification.




Spot the most critical processor


Buying mobile phones have been always inseparable from the hardware configuration and performance, even if mobile phone manufacturers claim that software optimization is no better, the hardware is always the basis. If you do not know that the performance of the selected model is good, look for the processor.







At present, the strongest Android phone is no doubt the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, Samsung Galaxy S9, Xiaomi MIX 2S, black shark game phones and other new flagships have adopted this processor, there will be more and more 845 flagship released in the next few months, this processor can be said to have almost no shortcomings in general, the Android camp's strongest CPU and GPU, game performance is a must, hard to pick faults, then I am afraid that does not support 5G networks.


According to the market of last year, if the budget is not high, you can consider the Snapdragon 636 model. The medium budget can consider the Snapdragon 660 model. If the budget is high, you can consider the Snapdragon 835, the Snapdragon 845 or the Kirin 970.



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Here to emphasize that the major mobile phone manufacturers in order to save production costs, many new machines are still using Snapdragon 625/652 processor. Not to say that these two processors are not good, it is too much of the same configuration of mobile phones, people have a kind of a new machine is just change the shell feeling. And with the release of the Snapdragon 845, the 2018 mobile phone chips will inevitably have to be upgraded, so such chips as Qualcomm Snapdragon 625/652 will no longer keep up with the trend.


Do not be too blind to buy camera phones

Good camera function has become one of the most important selection criteria for people to buy mobile phones, especially those who like self-timer, it is more carefully selected. In addition, people's requirements for the imaging quality of the photos and the camera functions are getting higher and higher, and the ability of the mobile phone to take photos has become an important consideration for users to purchase.






At present, the camera's camera pixels are getting higher and higher, Huawei P20 has taken four shots, and they all make a fuss about smart beauty shots. The camera effect is getting better and better, and all mobile phones can meet daily use. There is no need to pursue higher configurations.


Fast charge, large battery is necessary

With the continuous improvement of mobile phone performance, its power consumption is also getting higher and higher, and natural battery life is greatly reduced. However, bringing a power bank means more of a burden. If you go to choose a mobile phone that does not have a fast charge or a large battery, your experience will be very poor. Holding a power bank all day is very inconvenient.



Gearbest your best shopping choices


In fact, the big battery phone in the Android camp abounds. No matter which price segment you want to buy, you can choose from the corresponding long-lasting mobile phones, and these long-lasting mobile phones are very diversified in terms of design and function. They are very suitable.


Fingerprint recognition is most important for your comfort

In today's mobile phone ring, we can see that most full-screen mobile phones use post-fingerprint identification, but there are also a few mobile phone manufacturers who do not take the unusual path and use fingerprint recognition to create a trick.


Speaking of fingerprint recognition, the Vivo X21 with screen fingerprint recognition technology can definitely be the number one. It took into account the comfort of using and the proportion of the screen.






MEIBLUE launched the full screen mobile phone MEIBLUE E3 is also very eye-catching, the entire system comes standard with 6GB storage, brings the side of the fingerprint identification, high recognition characteristics.






HONOR's new flagship HONOR 10 is eye-catching with its high value, using the popular screen design of Liu Hai. The ultrasonic fingerprint recognition is hidden at the bottom of the screen. Even if there are water drops on the hand, you can easily unlock the phone.






Personally, I personally think that where fingerprinting can be useful, this topic really varies from person to person. In order to increase user stickiness and increase products, in fact, each product varies from person to person. Manufacturers say whether it is good or not, and users have the final say.



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