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How to choose a gamepad for pc?

ByOleg Romanenko 2019-03-06 7044

First, let's see - why do we need a gamepad? Many of games are more than enough keyboard with a mouse, and therefore some gamers do not even think about buying this device. However, the gamepad is quite a useful gadget, without which it is simply impossible to enjoy some games. First of all, the controller is ideally suited for such genres of games as sports simulators, races, fightings, as well as platformers.

gamepad for pc 

The fact is that a large number of gaming products are initially created under the console, and only then ported to computers. Because of this, controlling with a mouse and keyboard can seriously spoil the impression of a good game. Remember, before buying a gamepad, you need to figure out what games it will be used. For fans of strategies and shooters (FPS), the controller is unlikely to seem an indispensable thing, and therefore we do not recommend spending money on it just like that.

Connection type

Like most other manipulators, controllers can be wired and wireless. Unlike the keyboard and mouse, the connection type in the gamepad is a very important parameter. It is necessary to immediately determine at what distance from the computer the game will take place. If you play in front of the monitor itself, it’s not necessary to look after something without wires.

Wireless gamepads  

The wire, of course, can get confused and cause inconvenience when connecting, however, its advantages will seem to many more significant than the disadvantages. Firstly, it is unnecessary to recharge the wired gamepad - just connect it to the computer and enjoy its capabilities. Secondly, the controller with the wire is a bit cheaper, which will help save on it and spend extra money on more important things. On this, perhaps, all the pluses end.

Wireless gamepads also have several advantages and disadvantages. The first is the ability to play at any distance. Among the shortcomings stands out the need to recharge. However, there is one moment. There are wireless gamepads with a built-in battery, which you just need to connect to the computer via USB-cable and wait for it to recharge. This is a great kind of wireless gamepad.

Wireless gamepads 

What can not be said about the controllers that have batteries instead of the built-in battery. These controllers are not only bad because they often oblige the purchase of batteries (or once, but batteries), but also with heavier weights. Holding such a "miracle" in your hand is, of course, useful for athletes, but it’s not very convenient when you want to relax and enjoy the game.


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Let's return to the question again - in which games the gamepad will be used most often. The fact is that for fighting games it is better to take models with a divided cross-piece (control arrows or D-pad). Thanks to this type of construction, it will be much easier to perform all kinds of attack algorithms than when using a gamepad with a solid crosspiece. Please note that the D-pad is only important for fighting games - it is rarely used in other games.

the D-pad 

The perfect gamepad should be with rubber analog sticks. It is desirable that they were attended by some notches that will not allow your fingers to slide. Controllers without analog sticks should not be considered at all, since at present almost all games use this control element. Having dealt with the cross and stick, stop on the main action buttons located on the back of the device on the right. It is important that they are denoted by letters (Y, B, A, X), and not numbers. Many games use control from Xbox-consoles, whence this designation of buttons came.

Popular models

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller - perhaps the best gamepad ever created by mankind. Rubberized analog sticks, comfortable button placement, ergonomic shape, matte soft-touch plastic, and the ability to use both on the console (Xbox 360) and on a PC without additional drivers.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller  

It is noteworthy that this gamepad comes in two variations: wired type and wireless (without built-in battery). Of the minuses can be identified, except that the whole cross, which is inconvenient in fighting games. If this does not bother, the purchase of this gamepad will be the most justified.

Dualshock 4 - is a very convenient and high-quality gamepad. However, it was created specifically for the PS4, and therefore using it on a computer is fraught with consequences. Firstly, additional drivers are needed, and secondly, some players complain that the gamepad sometimes works incorrectly.

Dualshock 4 

Most likely, this applies to old games, because in most of the new products Dualshock 4 functions as a Swiss watch. If the lack of official support does not bother and its further use with the PS4 is planned, you can take this controller without a doubt.

Razer Sabertooth - the company Razer in creating this gamepad did not reinvent the wheel twice and copied the design of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller. However, Razer did still better than Microsoft. They took into account all the shortcomings of Microsoft controller and saved the gamepad from a solid cross, replacing it with a separate one.

Razer Sabertooth 

In addition, the gamepad buttons are fully programmable, and there is also a small display for setting. The controller has additional triggers and a detachable cable. It should be noted that the "saber-toothed" is wildly beautiful. Although what ugly did release lately Razer?

Steam Controller is a gamepad that has been reworked and reinvented a hundred times.The final version is ready. Of the main advantages of the gamepad is to provide fully customizable buttons. In addition, the gamepad can work with or without a wire. Instead of the built-in battery, batteries are used.

Steam Controller  

The right trackpad can serve as a mouse, which makes the controller convenient in all game genres, ranging from races to first-person shooters. Steam Controller for those who love something innovative and non-standard. The price, by the way, at the gamepad is quite democratic.

Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 - a wireless gamepad designed specifically for the PC. It has a standard button layout. For deeper tuning there is the appropriate software. Gamepad supports most of the existing games, made of quality materials, and also has an ergonomic shape. Pretty good competitor to the Xbox monster.

Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 

Unfortunately, the Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 is a solid cross, but even it works quite well in games like fighting games. The gamepad connects to the computer using a USB interface.

All the above five models of gamepads, we believe the most worthy to get a list of "must have".  Which one is the best is up to you. We wish you a happy shopping, with which you will go only to victory!


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