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How to choose a LED flashlight?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-03 11138

LED flashlight is a new type of flashlight with LED (light emitting diode) as its light source. Because of its high brightness, low power consumption, long life and small size, LED is an ideal choice for portable lighting. Although the popularity of mobile phones is getting higher and higher nowadays, if you want to illuminate them, you can just turn on them directly, but the lighting function of mobile phones consumes electricity quickly, and it is not convenient to use them in some special environments. Therefore, the flashlight is still one of the necessary outdoor activities. However, how to choose a flashlight? I will introduce you to the selection tips of LED flashlights and the advantages of LED flashlights.

​​LED flashlights 

Tips for buying LED flashlights:

Following are some tips for buying a good LED flashlight:

1. Pay attention to the bulb

 Pay attention to the number of bulbs.


The number should be moderate. The number of household LED flashlights had better not exceed 12. The batteries used are better in 2 to 3 sections. It would be a little wasteful if it was bigger. Used for other special needs can be determined according to needs. Of course, the number of high-power LED flashlights cannot generally reach 12.

 Pay attention to the brightness


Good LED flashlight has high brightness and slow attenuation speed.

● Pay attention to the bulbs.


When the LED flashlight is extinguished, it is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish the good from the bad. The consistency of the bulb can be seen when the LED flashlight is lit.

● Pay attention to the iris aperture.


Good LED flashlight aperture is a uniform circle. The light spot of poor LED flashlight is divided into yellow and blue uneven distribution. The bead concentrating surface should be concentrated as far as possible. Unlike ordinary torches, this kind of torches can adjust the focal length, so we should pay attention not to astigmatism when selecting and purchasing them.

the iris aperture 

2. Pay attention to the internal structure

●  Pay attention the welding.


The welding is good. Each bipolar body is connected to the circuit board by welding. If the virtual welding contact is not good, it may cause the beads not bright or affect the overall use. Each bipolar body is connected to the circuit board by welding. If the virtual welding contact is not good, it may cause the beads not bright or affect the overall use.

 the internal structure

● Pay attention to the battery.


There are two kinds of led flashlight: ordinary battery and lithium battery. Although lithium is a rechargeable battery, its life is low, about 2 years, and led is about 10 years, which can be selected according to the actual situation.

3. Pay attention to the external structure

● Pay attention to the waterproof.


Good LED flashlight has waterproof function, good seismic performance, that is, fall resistances. Because it belongs to electronic products, there is a circuit board in front of the LED flashlight. Once the water enters, it is easy to short circuit and cause damage.

waterproof LED flashlight 

 Pay attention to the appearance.


You can choose an aluminum alloy case LED flashlight.


 Pay attention to the shape.


You can choose the appropriate size and shape of LED flashlight according to the specific use occasion and purpose.


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What are the advantages of the LED flashlight?

1. The service life of LED flashlight is over 5-100,000 hours, which is 5-10 times longer than that of traditional tungsten filament lamp.

2. LED flashlight has low heat, no damage to lamp holder and high safety.

3. LED flashlight has fast response speed, impact resistance, good weather resistance, small size and lightweight.

4. LED flashlight saves electricity, and has low power consumption and green environmental protection material.

5. The reaction speed of LED flashlight is only 1us (microsecond), and the safety can be improved without warming up the lamp.

6. Low-voltage drive of LED flashlight (voltage 1.8-4.0V) is safe.



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