How to choose a suitable motherboard among Intel and AMD?

ByNiki Jones 2019-06-06 913

The computer motherboard is the working platform of each hardware. The connection between the hardware is done through the motherboard. It plays the role of other hardware. Its stability plays a decisive role for the computer, so choose a good motherboard is very important, but with so many motherboards, how do we distinguish it? How to buy it? The following small series will take you to know the motherboard of the computer and teach you how to buy the motherboard.

Before buying a motherboard, we have to know the difference between the motherboards. There are two major types of motherboards we often encounter. One is the Intel motherboard, the other is the AMD motherboard. The two motherboards are mainly different from the processor. Intel is the pin. AMD is a hole. In fact, if the motherboard is subdivided, there is also a chipset level. The following small series explains how to distinguish between Intel and AMD's motherboard chipset, as follows:

Intel motherboard chipset

X series: generally the server motherboard, is the highest-end chipset technology. Generally used in Internet cafes, large computer training bases, schools, companies, etc., such as X79, X99.

Z series: high-end chipset, motherboard materials are the best, generally support overclocking. Generally used in high-end gaming computers, live broadcasts, etc., such as Z370, Z390.

H series: represents the low-end motherboard, the material is slightly inferior to the Z series, but the quality is good, generally can not support overclocking, if the specially processed motherboard can also be properly overclocked. Generally used in households, companies, factories, etc., such as H61, H310, H110.

B series: Business motherboard, the material is also very good, does not support overclocking, suitable for low-end consumer groups. Mostly used in households, companies, shopping malls, etc., such as B360, B85, B450.

P series: low-end series motherboard, no display output, can not overclock, the material is not very good, now almost rarely seen, such as P85, P81.

AMD motherboard chipset

X series: It is currently the highest-end motherboard, which can be overclocked. The motherboard material is also the best, mostly used for games and drawing. Such as X370, X470, X399.

B series: It is a medium series motherboard, which supports overclocking. The motherboard material is very good, the price is very high, and it is mostly used for games, office, drawing and so on. Such as B350, b


A series: It is a low-level series motherboard, can not be overclocked, the motherboard material is general. Mostly used in homes or factories, such as the A320.

The above is a brief introduction of the motherboard. For us, knowing this can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the motherboard, but knowing this does not mean that we can just pick it casually. We have to consider when buying the motherboard.

Warm tips: When you buy the motherboard, it is best to choose a big brand motherboard, do not buy second-hand motherboards, do not buy unbranded or no quality warranty motherboard.

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