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How to choose a suitable tablet PC

BySteve Lowry 2018-10-25 8708

There are so many tablets PC in the market: iPad, Windows tablet, Android tablet. Which one should i buy? From 5 aspects, we'll tell you how to choose a suitable tablet PC.

Tablet system

How to select the system of the tablet?

Presently, there are 3 main companies producing tablets: Apple (iPad), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows). If you're going to buy a tablet for a few years, and still hold its value. Of course, Apple's iPad is your first choice (and apple's ecosystem is a little more refined), and if you're looking for a price or don't want to use Apple's system, and then consider Android or Windows.




The price difference between Android and Windows tablet is about dozens of dollars. A lot of friends may find it is hard to choose the system through the price when buying. We advise that if you just use social application, listening to music, watching movies and playing games on the tablet, you can choose the Android tablet; if you need to use some software under the desktop environment, such as desktop version OFFICE, then you can consider the Windows tablet.

Android vs Windows


In addition, many tablets can be upgraded by both Android and Windows, so it doesn't matter if can refurbish system. If you cannot do it, you can also consider buying a dual-system tablet.

5 key factors you should consider when buying a tablet

1. Screen

The quality of your tablet screen can directly affect how you use it, so choose at least one IPS screen for your screen (or a retinal screen, as long as it's IPS or retinal screen, the AD images will usually be written. If there are writing a high-definition screen, moisten the eye-screen, you should pay attention.)


Tablet screen


The screen resolution has different options depending on the size. In short, don't choose a screen with PPI too low. In general, the higher the PPI, the clearer it will be. But the higher PPI doesn’t mean the better. As the higher screen resolution requires better processor (but presently most of processors are enough for basic use). However, for the tablet equipped with Windows system, the ppi150 resolution (1280 x 800 pixels for 10.1-inch) is reasonable. Because the Windows tablet involves the operation of desktop software, and it’s not very convenient for you to click the buttons on the desktop if not using mouse.


2. processor

In terms of processor, choosing the current mainstream processors will be a good choice. As the mainstream processors usually meets your most of needs for your daily use.


tablet processor


3. Battery capacity

If you don't want to frequently charge it, you had better choose the tablet with large capacity battery.


tablet battery life


4. Some specs you can ignore

There are some specs you can also ignore when choosing a tablet if you don’t really need them, such as the pixel of camera, light sensors, distance sensors, gravity sensors, three-axis gyroscope, Bluetooth (but most of tablets have Bluetooth function), GPS (the GPS performance is usually not very well on the tablets).     


specifications you can ignore


5. Other factors

On top of that, you can also consider some other factors, such as:

● Appearance: Just choose the appearance according to your personal preference.

● Speaker: Dual speakers are louder than the single speaker. And the front-mounted speaker is better than the rear-mounted speaker.

● Material: The plastic body is lighter and cheaper than the metal body. While the tablet with metal body is more upscale, expensive and heavier than the plastic body.

● Brand: Just as mentioned above, choose the widely known tablet brands. 



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