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How to choose an electric shaver

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A man's beard, like a woman's skin, requires a lot of attention and care, especially for most morning commuters who never have enough time to get up early. A comfortable and convenient electric razor will really improve the quality of life.But, face all sorts of model, design, price electric shaver, how should choose? Let me tell you a little bit about it.

the design of electric shaver

Working principle 

The operating principle of electric shaver is divided into two part, the outer part is the moving part, and the inner part is the fixed part. The movable blade is usually a mesh design. When shaving, your beard will enter the grid. The movable blade and the fixed blade will be driven by electric motor to do relative motion.The fixed blade inside will use the relative motion to shave the beard entering the grid.

It can be seen that ordinary electric razors have poor treatment effect on long beard. Long beard cannot get into the blade net, so it cannot be shaved by fixed blade head. However, many brands of razors now come with shaving heads and sideburns, but it's still a bit of a hassle to use, so electric razors are still recommended to avoid long beard shaving.

General principle is such, but according to motion principle different, razor divides again into rotary razor and reciprocating razor.

1. Rotary


A rotary razor is a razor with a round head, which uses several blades to make circular motions in order to cut the beard continuously. The advantage of this razor is that it does not require very strong motor power, and the shave is quieter, smoother and less vibrating. However, due to the limited shape of the blade and slow rotation speed, some dead corners of the face, as well as very thick and hard beard shaving is not good, it needs to be repeated many times to clean.

Also talk about the cutter head, many rotary razors replace the blade with a mesh, and when you feel that your shaving is less efficient or less dynamic, you can replace the  cutter head.

Tips:Rotation can reverse the direction of the moustache to draw a small circle shaving, soft parts tension some, time with a neutral soap soak knife head to remove oil.

2.The reciprocating


The reciprocating razor cuts the beard by the force between the cutter head and the inter-network. Reciprocating razors are typically more expensive than rotary ones because of the high power of the motor and the durability of the steel they use.

The advantage of reciprocating is its strong motor power, clean shaven, especially good at handling hard and thick whiskers, and when used without the pain of pulling the beard.

There is a benefit and a disadvantage, since the power of the electric power, vibration and noise are relatively large, if you have to shave in a very quiet environment, then reciprocating is definitely not for you. Another problem is that too much force or shaving for too long can cause excessive skin friction and sometimes white stubble.

For reciprocating blades, the mesh is separated from the tip, and the timing of replacement is the same as for rotary blades, and Braun's official recommendation for its reciprocating razors is to replace the tip every 18 months.

Tips:as the reciprocating shaver is about the reciprocating movement, the use of the time must be from up to down the reverse cleaning.

Several classic brands

Following are three classic brands of electric shaver for men.

1. Philips


Philips is already known as a small household appliance brand, shaver is its very important product line. Philips is a big fan of rotary razors, also the best choice for buying a rotary razors.

Philips has a huge range of razors, the more high-end models add more features, the core of which is that different levels of veneer make shaving more comfortable, and the blade design makes shaving less of a legacy beard.

All in all, philips wants to give users a more comfortable shave experience.

2. Braun


Braun, a famous German household appliance brand, was once bought by Gillette, the ancestor of shaver, which has proved the quality of its razor. Braun's razor, in contrast to philips's, is a fan of reciprocating razors, all of which are reciprocating.

Braun's main products are the low-to-high 1-9 series razors and the most basic cruzer series razors. Each new series has added new features such as clipping system upgrade, comfort veneer, wet and dry applications, and power display. The most abnormal Braun 9 series of razors have reached 40, 000 cross cuts per second.

Braun's use of reciprocating razors brings the cleanest shaving experience.

3. Panasonic


Compared with philips and Braun, Panasonic's shaver is not very famous in China. Its reciprocating shaver is also a good choice. Compared with Braun's clean shavers, Panasonic has made some improvements on the weakness of high reciprocating noise and strong vibration. But the actual purchase is a matter of opinion.

The close fitting and function that cannot ignore

Following two points are cannot ignore when you choose to buy a suitable shaver.

1. Clean charging base


Many people have two annoying moments with their electric shaver: they run out of power in the morning when they are anxious for a business trip. Take a long time to clean, and it takes time to clean. This kind of clean charging base can be placed on the lavabo, as long as the used shaver is put into the clean charging base, touch the button gently, the shaver can be automatically cleaned, charged and lubricated. From now on whenever take away is clean, smooth, energetic small razor! If you have a spacious sink at home, try this elegant gadget! At present, philips, panasonic, Braun have launched.

2. Power display


This is the exclusive function of the obsessive-compulsive person, you will not be mad because you do not know how much electricity is left. Several major brands have real-time power display function, there are two ways to display: progress bar and percentage, there is always one to satisfy you, please the obsessive-compulsive disorder to the end!

See the above introduction, let everybody for electric razor has a preliminary understanding, can facilitate everybody when the choose and buy yourself to compare parameters and function, specific which model of choose and buy, also with reference to your beard thick and hard degree, as well as vibration, noise tolerance and other factors to consider, certainly the most important thing is money.


Electric shaver can be said to be one of the most obvious categories of Haitao price and domestic price difference, the same Braun 790cc Jingdong price is 4399 yuan, the US Amazon price is only 1500 yuan, so you want to buy high-end models of razors don't care about delivery time, you must buy them from overseas!


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