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How to choose the perfect bike computer for any cyclist

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-21 1749

A bike computer is compact tech ideal for all cyclists. Get the scoop on how to choose the one that’s right for you.

This electronic device displays a full range of travel-related information. For instance, the current bicycle speed, and the total distance the bike has traveled.


Cycling in the information age means more riding data is available to you than ever before. Collecting riding data is increasingly popular and makes sense for most cyclists.


What type of rider are you?

A broad range of affordable bike computers are available here for your selection, but depends mainly on the type of rider you are:


Casual cyclists usually just want to know basic information, such as distance, speed and time.


Enthusiast riders, commuters and touring riders often want more data displayed such as trip distance, total odometer, calories burned, average speed and maximum speed.


Competitive cyclists may prefer all of the above in addition to cadence, heart rate, elevation, total ascent, and temperature.


Casual cyclists

You can choose a basic magnetic sensor wired bicycle computer, which can satisfy your basic demands for cycling.


It features real-time time display, distance and speed, allowing you to have a rough understanding about your riding journey.



Enthusiast riders


A magnetic sensor wireless model with additional options such as average speed is a good starting point: 


This kind of speedometer provides more functions than the previous one, and its wireless design saves so much time and hassle from needing to install cables to your bike.


Just a single magnetic sensor can transmit the signal to the display unit. What’s more, the backlit screen is more readable, especially if you have a helmet light attached.



Competitive cyclists


The GPS models are absolutely your first choice.


The GARMIN Edge 520 Bicycle Computer is here just for you! 


With GPS and GLONASS accurate positioning function, the unit can display weather, altitude, heart rate, cadence and ascent for you.


More data options, which can be transferred to a computer, help you analyze your training schedule, riding efficiency and physical condition at length. IPX7 grade with weatherproof feature enables you to use it anytime in all weather conditions.    



Select a proper bicycle computer that’s correct for your needs. Shop at GearBest and get the one you want for less.

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