How to clean mechanical gamer keyboard?

BySigismondo Eisenhower 2019-06-24 1068

Computers can become disgusting, that's a fact. I will explain how to clean the gamer keyboard effectively or clean the mechanical gamer keyboard.

It is now time to look at the only component that can accumulate more human dirt than the inside of a power supply: keyboards. Whether they are mechanical, gamers, azerty or qwerty. It's time to clean up your gamer keyboard!

The essential equipment for a good cleaning!

Fortunately, cleaning a mechanical gamer keyboard is (sometimes) not too difficult in comparison.

Once again, we've all seen the 10-year-old keyboards covered with a brown crust, and I'm not so sure I'd bother trying to clean something like that.

The advantage of the mechanical keyboard: Mechanical keyboards have the advantage of having key caps that can be easily removed and a wider spacing between the keys. With the right tools and about 30 minutes of time, a dirty mechanical keyboard can be essentially restored to its original condition.

In this short guide, we cover the basics of cleaning a mechanical keyboard by removing the key caps, applying sticky paste, compressed air and using a little elbow grease.

Cleaning mechanical gamer keyboard: Cleaning tools

● A key extractor: most keyboards include this tool but you can find them at a low price on GearBest

● A compressed air tank: to remove debris without removing the caps from the keys, or before. Ditto, it doesn't cost much to buy

● A microfibre cloth

● Rubbing alcohol: used to remove skin oils and dirt if you do not want to remove the key caps and to gently rub between the keys

● Dishwashing liquid: used to soak the keys if you intend to clean them thoroughly

● Q-tips: you can also use Q-tips. It's for cleaning between switches and switches

With lightly used keyboards, you can simply get away with a key puller and compressed air; those that involve more hair or agglomerated dirt can be easier to clean with a 3M scrub brush and Cyber Clean compound.

All this is not necessary, but for particularly difficult cleaning jobs, they can make life easier. You can also opt for a Hazmat combination and Hellfire missiles (out of stock on Amazon) in the case of particularly toxic keyboards.

Steps for cleaning mechanical gamer keyboard

It's quite simple and doesn't require many paragraphs. Here is the step-by-step instructions for use:

● Remove all keys with the key extractor. We suggest that you separate the keys from the "right" and "left" halves of the keyboard, in case your Shift / Ctrl / Alt buttons are of different sizes.

● Get a shrub. Move outwards, turn the keyboard over and tap lightly on the underside of the keyboard to remove dust and crumbs. Your dead skin has now joined the environment as a fertilizer, making this process officially "green".

● Send some compressed air into the keyboard while it is turned over. Do not hold the bottle upside down unless it uses a nozzle that allows it.

If there is still hair stuck in the switches or dead skin in the veins, this is where you can apply the cleaning paste to catch the slightly stuck particles that are more stubborn.

● The cleaning paste will not remove everything on your gaming keyboard, so you will have to keep cleaning. There are more sticky compounds, but you may leave sticky residues on the keyboard / switches that could cause key sticking in the future. We do not recommend anything stronger than what has been mentioned above.

● To clean your gamer keyboard and remove the final remains, use the 3M scrubbing brush and solution (you can also use any scrubbing brush or pipe brush with denatured alcohol) to remove what remains. If you use a solution of any kind, let it dry completely before putting the keys back on and plugging in the keyboard.

Replace the key caps.

Cleaning gamer keyboard: Things not to do

Do not spray high pressure spray (blow with a hose) to clean the gamer keyboard as this may damage or oxidize the springs and underlying printed circuit boards. Some keyboards have a printed circuit board protected by a plastic cover to protect against liquids, but this may not be sufficient against high-pressure spraying.

If you use any liquid to clean the gamer keyboard, do not reconnect it to a system until the liquid has dried. This could short-circuit the keyboard and destroy it.

Do not use a compound that is too sticky. Be sure to check user reviews if you deviate from what is recommended here. Residues can cause the keys to stick together.

The final word

And that's more or less all, really. Once all this is over, your keyboard switches should be more sensitive and the keys should stick less often, it will be cleaner/healthier, and you can stop having backward movements every time you accidentally look at it from top to bottom.

Consider taking this opportunity to buy key caps that show your favorite games, as long as all keys are removed. You are now armed with dirt to clean the mechanical gamer keyboard correctly.

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