How to clear cookies in Android in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Samsung Internet

BySigismondo Eisenhower 2019-09-13 1579

Today we're going to explain how you can erase cookies from your browser on an Android mobile. As there are many browsers for Android, we will give you detailed instructions for the most popular: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet.

How to delete cookies in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is the browser pre-installed on the vast majority of Android mobiles, so it is undoubtedly the most popular browser on these mobiles. To delete cookies in the Android version of Google Chrome, you can do follow steps:

Step 1: Open the menu by tapping the three dot at the right up corner.

How to delete cookies in Chrome for Android 

Step 2: Enter configuration, this is something common to all browsers, and is that the process is virtually the same in most cases.

Step 3: Delete cookies in the Privacy section.

As Google Chrome setup menu has been growing and growing for some time, cookies ultimately store private information about your web browsing.

Step 4: You need to tap on Clear navigation data. Then you can choose exactly what you want to delete.

Now, make sure you tick the Cookies and site data box to delete cookies. If you wish, you can also clear your browsing history (the list of pages you've visited) and cached files and images (temporary files saved to save data if you need them again).

Step 5: Click the Clear data button and you will see a window showing you some of the web pages that have saved cookies in your browser, so that you have an idea of what you are going to lose. If you don't regret it, accept and the cookies will be cleared in a matter of seconds.

How to delete cookies in Firefox for Android

The Mozilla browser is also available on Android, with some exclusive features (such as the ability to use add-ons). As for deleting cookies, the process is quite similar to the one we saw before,

Step 1: Open the menu by tapping the three dot at the right up corner.

Step 2: Enter configuration, this is something common to all browsers, and is that the process is virtually the same in most cases.

Step 3: Enter the configuration, scroll through the options until you almost reach the last one. There you will find Clean Private Data, where you can delete cookies as well as other traces of your web surfing.

That's it, now you just need to make sure that Cookies and active sessions are checked. Firefox allows you to delete a lot of other private data, including history, cache, search history and many more.

Step 4: Click Clear Data and all cookies that Firefox has saved to date on your mobile or Android tablet, as well as any other items that you selected from the list above, will be deleted.

How to delete Cookies in Edge for Android

The process is exactly the same in the Android version of Microsoft's browser, Edge, although the difference is that here the menu options (the three dots) are at the bottom of the window. Play on it.

Step 1: Open the menu by tapping the three dot at the right low corner.

Step 2: Once inside the Microsoft Edge options, you must search and enter the Privacy section, at the bottom of the options and within the group of options included in the Advanced Configuration.

Step 3: In the privacy settings, scroll through the list until you reach the Clear navigation data item. Tap it to open the settings where you can delete cookies and other traces left by your Internet activity.

Step 4: Make sure that the option Cookies and site data is checked, although if you wish you can check other options to clear the cache, browsing history or form data saved by Edge.

Step 5: Click Delete and all the cookies that Microsoft Edge has saved up to that moment will be erased, closing all the sessions that you had open in web pages up to that moment (only in Edge, not in other apps or browsers).

How to delete cookies on Samsung Internet

Samsung mobiles come with their own browser installed, which is also available in Google Play for anyone to try. If it's your preferred browser, deleting cookies is just as easy.

Step 1: You must enter the options menu, which here are three stripes.

Step 2: Within the settings, scroll through the options until you find Privacy and Security. It is almost at the bottom of the list, within the advanced options category under Advanced.

Step 3: While above you can adjust whether you want to accept cookies or not, the way to delete all cookies that are already in the browser is by tapping on Delete browsing data, in the Personal data section.

Step 4 :Make sure that Cookies and site data are checked and, if you want, check other boxes. Samsung Internet also allows you to clear browsing history, cache, passwords, form data, and location access data. Press Delete to perform the deletion.

How to delete cookies in Opera

The Opera browser is available on Android in several variants, including Opera Mini and the new Opera Touch. We will explain you how to do it in the normal version, although the process is practically the same in all of them.

Step 1: You must tap on the Opera logo below.

How to delete cookies in Opera​ 

Step 2: In the menu that opens, choose Settings, the last option at the bottom. In this way you will go to the application settings, and is that the process to delete cookies is very similar to the other browsers that we saw before.

Step 3: Once inside the options, you must scroll until you find Clear navigation data... In the case of Opera, the options do not have subcategories, but you must scroll until you find the section with the Privacy options.

Step 4: Mark Cookies and site data, as well as any other section that you want to use to delete as well, such as browsing history or passwords.

When you're done, click Clear Data and the cookies and other items you've selected will be quickly removed from the Android version of Opera.

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