How to connect Elephone Explorer action camera to iPhone

ByZim Watson 2017-04-18 11985

Connection overtime? Connection fails? The WiFi connection doesn't work? It's no big deal. Read this Elephone Explorer action camera WiFi connection guide to easily connect it to your iPhone.

Many users have met troubles on the Elephone Explorer 4K action camera's WiFi connection process: they don't know how to connect it to the phone or the connection always fails or overtimes. That's bothered a lot! In this passage, we are going to show you how to connect the sports camera to iPhone with specific steps.

Step 1. Download ELECAM application

Enter the Elephone sports camera's official website to download the ELECAME application, or search ELECAM in the Apple store to download and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2. Turn on camera's WiFi

Long press the Power button to turn on the ELE Explorer action camera, and press the UP button to activate its WiFi feature. The camera will release its own WiFi signal. The WiFi signal SSID and password will show on the camera's screen. The camera's LED light (near the OK button) will flash when the WiFi is turned on.

How to turn on camera's WiFi

Step 3. Connect to camera's WiFi signal

Enter your iPhone's Settings - Wi-Fi setting, find out the ELE-CAM wireless signal. Tap it and input the password to connect to it. When the connection is done, the LED light will keep lighting. Now go back the ELECAM app.

Connect to ELE Explorer action camera's WiFi signal

Step 4. Launch ELECAM app

Launch the ELECAM app on your iPhone. On its interface, you can see the connected network is ELE-CAM, which means the app already connected to the camera. Thus, your iPhone is successfully paired with the camera.

Launch ELECAM app on iPhone

Step 5. Control your camera on the app

Tap the ELE-CAM option, then you will get into the linking application's control interface. The real-time images / footage will display here, and you can do any operation such as set the camera, capture images / videos, etc.

After going though this connection guide, you must have successfully connected your Elephone Explorer 4K action camera to your iPhone. Pretty easy, isn't it?

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