How to connect NO.1 D5 smart watch to Android phone

ByIngrid Wilhelmina 2017-05-16 14702

The Bluetooth connection method varies for different mobile phone users. For Android system smartphone users, let's see how to connect the NO.1 D5 smart watch to your phone and sync the data, i.e. contacts, calls, messages, music, camera, and the other apps notice to your phone.

Once connecting the NO.1 D5 smart watch to your phone, you can receive your phone's SMS, SNS, and call notification on the smart watch, which enables you never to miss an important notice. In the last passage, we have shown you how to connect the NO.1 D5 smart phone to the iPhone, so in this post, we will show you how to connect the ID107 smart watch to the Android devices.

Step 1: Download the Watch Helper app

Watch Helper app on the smart watch is specially designed for Android phone Bluetooth connection. Click on the Watch Helper icon, scan the QR code on the interface (or on the user manual) to download "Watch Helper" app on your Android phone. Alternatively, download it from the link directly.

NO.1 D5 smart watch app QR code for Androiddownload mobile app for Android phoneNO.1 D5 smart watch Bluetooth Assistant for Android

Step 2: Launch the app

Download and install the app "Watch Helper" on your phone (here we use an Android phone Redmi Note 3 as an example). After Watch Helper app installation is complete, tap the app icon on your phone to launch it.

Watch Helper

Step 3: Connect the smart watch with Android phone

After entering the app, there appears a prompt information. Tap "Allow" to turn on the Bluetooth on Android phone.

turn on Bluetooth of phone

Turn on the Bluetooth on your smart watch in "Settings - Connect - Bluetooth", and make it visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices.

turn on Bluetooth of NO.1 D5 smart watch

Go to the Bluetooth on your phone under Settings, search and find the smart watch Bluetooth name - D5 (AC8B) under the available devices.

connect NO.1 D5 smart watch to phone

● Make sure the watch is powered on and its Bluetooth is enabled.

● Keep your Android phone screen waking up (lighted) during this connecting procedure.

● Keep the watch and Android phone within 13 feet (4 meters) with as few obstacles as possible.

Notice: This watch supports Bluetooth 4.0 version, and is compatible with Android 4.3, iOS 7.0 or above system. So make sure your phone OS and Bluetooth version match this requirement.

Tap D5 (AC8B) on the available devices, and there appears a Bluetooth pairing request on both your phone and smart watch. Tap the pair button on both devices to approve the connection.

Bluetooth pairing request

Step 4: Sync data on your phone to your watch

After the connection is completed, enter the app, tap "SELECT DEVICE", and select D5 in Paired Devices.

select NO.1 D5 smart watch in Paired Devices

Then you can sync data, like contacts, calls, messages, music, camera, and the other apps notice on the Redmi Note 3 to the smart watch.

sync data from phone to NO.1 D5 smart watch

The steps of connecting the NO.1 D5 smart watch to the Android device are not so difficult, right? But it is slightly complicated than that of connecting it to the iPhone. Since Android phones have to connect with the NO.1 D5 smart watch via Bluetooth in virtue of the Watch Helper app. Hope this guide does help you.

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