How to connect NO.1 D5 smart watch to iPhone

ByIngrid Wilhelmina 2017-05-17 4533

Here is the easy connection guide regarding how to connect the NO.1 D5 smart phone to iPhone.

Connecting the NO.1 D5 smart watch to your iPhone is not so complicated as that connecting NO.1 D5 smart watch to your Android phone. At the same time, it really brings you great convenience. You can receive phone notifications on your smart watch, including phone calls, messages, Facebook / Twitter / Wechat, etc., notices. So let's see how to connect the NO.1 D5 smart watch to your iPhone in this post.

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth feature

Turn on the Bluetooth on your smart watch in "Settings - Connect - Bluetooth", and make it visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices.

Turn on Bluetooth of NO.1 D5 smart watch

Meanwhile, turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone in "Settings - Bluetooth".

turn on Bluetooth of iPhone

Step 2: Connect the smart watch with your iPhone

Search and find the smart watch Bluetooth D5 under the available devices, tap it to pair your iPhone with smart watch. Then your iPhone will be listed under the paired devices of the smart watch.

connect NO.1 D5 smart watch with iPhone

● Make sure the watch is powered on and its Bluetooth is enabled.

● Keep your Android phone screen waking up (lighted) during this connecting procedure.

● Keep the watch and Android phone within 13 feet (4 meters) with as few obstacles as possible.

Notice: This watch supports Bluetooth 4.0 version, and is compatible with Android 4.3, iOS 7.0 or above system. So make sure your phone OS and Bluetooth version match this requirement.

Step 3: Sync data on your phone to your watch

After the connection is completed, you will be able to sync data, like contacts, calls, messages, music, camera, and the other apps notice on your iPhone to the smart watch.

sync data on phone to NO.1 D5 smart watch

The steps of connecting the NO.1 D5 smart watch to the iPhone are as easy as pie. Just connecting the smart watch to your iPhone via Bluetooth directly. Hope this guide does help to iOS system users.

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