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How to connect your iPad with WiFi or 3G/4G network

ByOleg Romanenko 2019-03-15 3876

Despite the fact that the global network “Internet” is at the stage of development, it successfully takes root in various portable multimedia devices, of course, the network could not ignore the tablets, so today we will learn two ways to connect iPad to the Internet. The post is written for novice users, the material does not contain settings for each router and operator.

connect iPad with WiFi or 3G/4G network

Two types of Apple iPad tablets

● iPad users without internet connection (off-line)

● And users whose tablets are connected to the Internet (on-line)

The first category of users does not need to connect to the network or does not yet have the ability to connect to broadband access (for example, students). Such users download information to the tablet only by means of the iTunes program installed in the computer. Those. use the iPad in offline mode, but they can easily do the following with a computer:

● Upload photos

● Download music

● Download video

● Install a program or game

● Download books

Of course, any downloadable content (photos, videos, books and applications) should already be on the computer.

But most users connect the iPad to the Internet and use the tablet to the full. They can wander around sites, blogs, forums and social services. networks using Safari; talk on Skype, while hearing and seeing each other with the help of the camera built into the tablet; use mobile client; watch videos online; install (and update) apps directly from the iPad and perform many other actions.

Having connected the tablet to the network, a lot of web-opportunities open up to the user. Therefore, if you decide to connect the iPad to the Internet, then you should know that there are two ways to connect the tablet to the network:

Internet for iPad via Wi-Fi

Today, the Internet working with the help of Wi-Fi access points is very developed. Wireless access points are installed both in public places and at home. The thing is very convenient, no extra wires, besides the range of the network allows you to comfortably use the Internet from the iPad, both in your house and in the apartment.

Any iPad tablet model supports work in Wi-Fi networks, so if you decide to use this method, contact your Internet service provider in your city and select one of the unlimited tariffs, check the possibility of organizing a Wi-Fi network and purchase Wi-Fi router. Before registering the documents for the connection, ask them to send a specialist to organize and configure the Wi-Fi network. A specialist will come to configure the access point and give you the network name and password with which the iPad and any other device will connect to the Internet.

Once the Internet is set up, go to the iPad, select Settings, find the Wi-Fi section, turn on Wi-Fi, and select your network from the list.

If you look closely, you can see a lock next to the network name, which means that the network is locked with a password, so only those who know the password can connect to this Wi-Fi network.

Enter the password and click the "Connect" button. Wait for the Wi-Fi icon in the status bar.

The icon in the upper left corner of the display shows - the Internet is connected. Launch the Safari browser, enter any address and check the performance, it is advisable to do so until the specialist has run away. Most importantly, do not forget the password and network name, write it down, they will still be useful to you.

After connecting the iPad to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network, using the tablet will be much more interesting, but this method has one drawback - certain network frames, i.e. if you leave the limits of the Wi-Fi network, the Internet is no longer available. Therefore, people who are constantly moving along with the tablet will be interested in another method of connection.

Internet for iPad via 3G / 4G network

3G-signal If the Internet in the iPad is needed not for home use, but for on-line navigation or work that requires constant movement, you can think about connecting the tablet to the mobile Internet. In general, if a permanent access to the network is necessary for an iPad user outside a home or apartment, then read further.

This method of connecting to the Internet is not applicable in all models of the iPad, but only in models with a communication module - 3G or 4G. In addition to external signs, these models also differ in price; an iPad with an additional communication module and a SIM card tray is more expensive than a regular Wi-Fi model.

If you are the owner of such  iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G) and the presence of the mobile Internet is just necessary, then purchase a Micro-SIM card, which mobile operators distribute and insert the SIM card into the iPad. Before purchasing a SIM card, familiarize yourself with the tariff plans for the mobile Internet and choose a more suitable one for you. If the mobile Internet in the iPad will need to constantly, then look at the unlimited tariffs. A Micro-SIM card can be made independently from a regular SIM card.

After installing the SIM card in the tablet, the inscription "iPad", located in the upper left corner of the screen, should change to the name of the operator with a signal strength indicator. If this does not happen, go to Settings - Cellular Data and turn on the section "Cellular Data", after which we observe the appearance of the operator. If the signal scale and operator appear, then launch Safari and try to open any web page. Sometimes when you connect your iPad to the mobile Internet, you need to enter additional settings, in such cases, contact the service center of the mobile operator where you will be helped with the settings.

We hope that today's recommendations will help connect your iPad to the Internet in the way that is necessary for you.


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