How to correctly set the channel of the router wireless signal?

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Mobile phone signals are good, only mobile operators can decide. However, the wifi signal is different. It is a matter of its own. In order to make the signals everywhere in the house, too many people have thought and tossed. Through multi-party experiments, it can be proved that the problem of frequent wifi signal drop in the home can be improved by changing the channel, the location and orientation of the router, and the wifi connection path is smoother.

set the channel of the router wireless signal

First, what is the channel

A channel, also called a channel or a frequency band, is a data signal transmission channel that uses a wireless signal as a transmission carrier.

The operating frequency of the 2.4G band is 2.4-2.4835 GHz. The 83.5 MHz band is divided into 13 channels. The center frequencies of each channel are 5 MHz apart, and the uplink and the downward are respectively extended by 11 MHz, and the channel bandwidth is 22 MHz.

Similar wireless routers use the same or overlapping channels to form a channel competition relationship, which affects the quality of the radio link. In order to effectively avoid mutual interference caused by channel overlap, similar wireless routers should select channels that do not overlap each other, such as (1, 6, 11 ), (1, 7, 13), etc., but wireless routers do not only work on these channels.

Second, the channel recommendation automatically selects

Early wireless routers pre-set the same channel (mostly 6), because users rarely modify the channel, causing mutual influence. With the rapid spread of wireless applications, wireless routers have added channel automatic selection function to detect the distribution of surrounding wireless channels when the device is started, and select the best channel to work.

The function of automatic selection of wireless channels is that channel overlap will cause mutual interference between wireless routes, which in turn affects wireless transmission quality. The channel automatic selection function enables the router to automatically set the optimal working channel according to the surrounding wireless environment, effectively avoiding co-channel interference/competition.

Third, what circumstances need to manually select the channel

Third, what circumstances need to manually select the channel

In the following applications, we recommend manually selecting the channel of the router:

1. When the traditional interface router sets up a WDS wireless bridge or multiple wireless routers to set up a roaming network through LAN-LAN cascading, it is recommended to set a fixed channel;

2. Some wireless terminals may not recognize 12 or 13 channels. When the router automatically selects these two channels, the wireless terminal cannot search for the signal. In this case, the channel of the router needs to be fixed between 1 and 11.

3. The wireless interference is serious. The wireless channel automatic selection function will automatically set to the optimal working channel according to the current environment after the router is started. Until the router restarts, the channel will not change. However, in the actual environment, the surrounding wireless environment may change during the working process of the router. To cause strong wireless interference, you need to consider setting the channel manually.

Fourth, how to manually select the best channel

When manually setting the channel of the router, it is necessary to avoid using the same channel as other surrounding wireless signals to avoid co-channel interference. So how do you know the channels used by other wireless signals around you? There are two ways to do this:

Method 1: Use the WDS scanning function of the router

Some wireless routers support the WDS function, and the WDS function is enabled on the router interface to scan surrounding wireless signals. From the scan results, you can view the channels and signal strengths of other wireless signals working in the surrounding environment.

Method 2, using third-party software

The WDS function of some wireless routers does not display the channels of other wireless signals around, and can be accessed by third-party software such as insider software. The computer downloads and installs the insider software. The computer must be equipped with a wireless network card. In the software, the channel and signal strength of the wireless signals in the surrounding environment can be scanned. According to the channel and intensity used by other signals in the surrounding environment, select a channel that is not used or a channel used by weak signals in the surrounding wireless router.

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