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How to customize the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and use it as efficiently as possible

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Xiaomi Mi Band is, without exaggeration, the most popular fitness bracelet in the world! Xiaomi sells more electronics than anyone (including Apple) and occupies 21.5% of the market! Many people, buying this bracelet, face all sorts of difficulties and questions. In This article, we will show you how to set up and use your Mi band with maximum benefit and efficiency!

How do I connect and configure Mi Band 3?

When you turn on Xiaomi Mi band 3 for the first time, you will see the message Pair device first:

Pair device

This means that it is time to install on your smartphone a special App and "link" Xiaomi Mi band 3 with a smartphone. Please Note: Use the fitness tracker as a standalone device is not possible, it only works in tandem with the smartphone. Of Course, after the initial adjustment and activation of the bracelet, you can not use the App, but, then you lose most of the features and capabilities of the device.

Step 1. Download the Mi Fit App

Mi Fit is an official App from Xiaomi to work with the bracelet, which is available for installation both on the Android smartphone and iPhone:

 Download the application Mi Fit

After downloading and installing the App (by the way, on some devices it can be installed initially), go to its configuration.

Step 2: Creat a Xiaomi account

After you start the Mi Fit App, you will be prompted to either log in to your existing Xiaomi account or create a new one. If you have not had smartphones from the company Xiaomi, most likely, there is no account. So, press the button "Create account", and fill in all the necessary fields.


You May need to specify a phone number-to be afraid of it is not necessary, moreover, so you can restore the password to the account, and when using the smartphone from Xiaomi with the SIM-card of the specified number, you will have additional benefits (to For example, SMS to other smartphones of Xiaomi brand will be sent free of charge, similar to Apple's iMessage.

Get a Xiaomi account

After Creating an account, you must select the MI account to log in to the App. Now, actually, to connect Xiaomi Mi band 3 to your smartphone.

Step 3: Connect Xiaomi Mi band 3 to the smartphone

To bind Mi band 3 with your phone in Mi Fit, do the following:

● Go to the Profile tab

● Press ADD Device button

● Push on Bracelet

● Waiting for Xiaomi Mi band 3 to appear Tap the button

● As soon as we see the inscription, press Xiaomi Mi band 3 button under the screen

A Very common mistake is to connect a Xiaomi Mi band 3 to a smartphone in Bluetooth settings, not via the Mi Fit App. It is impossible to Do this, the connection should be performed strictly on the instructions written above, otherwise, you may have problems with the binding of your bracelet.

Description of the main settings of Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Let's take a short walk through all the settings of Xiaomi Mi band 3 in the program Mi Fit, which can be found here:

● Launch Mi Fit App

● Go to the Profile tab

● In The My devices list, select Mi Band 3

Here we will see the following parameters:

Incoming Call

When you turn on the incoming call alert, you'll see information about who is calling you on the bracelet. You can enable alarm delay In the settings. In this case, Xiaomi Mi band 3 will notify you about the call not immediately, but after a few seconds (depending on the settings).


In This section, you can manage reminders about different events. Note that it is not a function of displaying the event Xiaomi Mi band 3 from your calendar (for example, Google). This is a kind of analog "alarm Clock" Mi Band with only text. Here You can create reminders, set the frequency of events.

Alarm clock

If you add an alarm on your smartphone in a standard app, it won't work on the bracelet! If you want to vibrate the bracelet-the alarm clock must be added here.

Smart Alarm Clock is not available in Mi Fit. That is, Xiaomi Mi band 3 "out of the box" can not awaken in a certain phase of sleep. If You need this feature, you will need to install an additional App called Mi Band Smart Alarm (available only on Android).


Here You can select the list of Apps from which you want to receive notifications on the bracelet.

Inactivity alerts

By Enabling This feature, Xiaomi Mi band 3 will periodically remind you to do a warm-up (if within an hour you almost did not move, for example, working at the computer).

Find Xiaomi Mi band 3

By Selecting This menu item, your Xiaomi Mi band 3 momentarily vibrates. You Can use the function not only to find the bracelet, but also to check the connection (whether the App sees the bracelet).

Discovery by Opening This setting, we will see the inscription "Enable visibility for devices nearby." In fact, this includes the visibility of Xiaomi Mi band 3 for other Apps, not devices. To Work with a Xiaomi Mi band 3 in addition to Mi Fit can many other Apps and, if you do not enable this option, they will not be able to detect your device.

Xiaomi Mi band 3 location

Specify here on which hand you wear the bracelet. This setting has little or no role to play. Xiaomi Mi band 3 will not take into account the different number of steps depending on the hand. The Point of tuning is to help Xiaomi Mi band 3 better determine the movement of the wrist lift to view the information. This should minimize the number of false positives so that the screen is turned on only when you really want to know the time  other information.

Raise your wrist to view information

Most of the time Xiaomi Mi band 3 screen is disabled. To enable it, you must press the button below the screen. If you activate the wrist lift function to view the information, the screen will automatically turn on with the appropriate hand gesture.

Heart rate determination

Here You can choose one of the three modes of operation of the heart rate meter or disable it at all:

● Automatic Pulse detection. Xiaomi Mi band 3 will measure the pulse continuously in 24/7 mode. By Enabling This option, you must select the frequency of measurements (from once a minute to once every 30 minutes).

● Sleep Assistant. In this mode, Xiaomi Mi band 3 automatically starts To measure the pulse only during sleep. The Pulse meter Readings help Xiaomi Mi band 3better determine the phases of sleep and display a more accurate report.

● Joint mode. In This mode, the pulse during wakefulness is measured with the frequency you specify, and when Xiaomi Mi band 3 determines that you are asleep, the Sleep Assistant mode is activated (the frequency of measurements is changed).

How to unpair Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or what to do before selling the bracelet?

If you decide to sell / donate to someone your Mi Band, it is necessary to detach from the Xiaomi-account, otherwise the other person will not be able to connect this Xiaomi Mi band 3 to his smartphone.

To do this, do the following:

● Launch Mi Fit App

● Go to the Profile tab

● Choose your Xiaomi Mi band 3 by clicking on Mi Band 3

● Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the unpair button

● On the next page click again unpair

Xiaomi Mi band 3 frequently asked questions

At The end we would like to answer frequently asked questions regarding Xiaomi Mi band 3 from Xiaomi:

1. Can I swim with the Mi Band 3 bracelet?

It is not so simple and unambiguous. The manufacturer declares the degree of waterproof protection of Xiaomi Mi band 3 equal to 50 meters (or 5 ATM). But, it should be understood that this number has nothing to do with the actual depth to which the device can be lowered under water. Only one quick hand movement at a depth of up to 1 meter is Enough to create a pressure on Xiaomi Mi band 3 equal to 5 atmospheres (maximum limit for Mi Band 3).

Therefore, despite the recommendations of Xiaomi, there is a risk of damaging the watch when swimming. Naturally, no immersion in depth under the water with this Xiaomi Mi band 3 and there can be no speech. On the other hand, you can easily take a shower without removing your Mi Band 3.

2. Is it possible to pay for products with a Xiaomi Mi band 3 using NFC?

Despite the fact that Mi Band 3 supports NFC technology, it is not possible to make payment using the bracelet. Only one payment system is supported Here — AliPay, which operates exclusively in China. In all other NFC countries, Xiaomi Mi band 3 is a useless feature.  Can I install other dials in addition to the standard ones?  Xiaomi Mi band 3 is Officially supported by only 3 dials. But you can download another firmware containing new dials and additional features. This is Done with a special App for a smartphone called GadgetBidge.

Such actions (Refirmware of the device) may entail various problems with the bracelet, up to its complete failure, without the possibility to fix anything. Therefore, if you are unsure of your own abilities, it is better not to do it.

3. What Apps does Xiaomi Mi band 3 work in addition to Mi Fit? 

Mi Fit is the official App from Xiaomi to work with all wearable devices of the company. However, you can actually tie Xiaomi Mi band 3 to another app by abandoning Mi Fit (or using a pair with the official app).

Among the most popular Apps for Mi Band You can select the following:

● Notify & Fitness for Mi Band is a great replacement for Mi Fit, contains a lot of features and features (takes into account all the activity, monitors sleep, works with the pulse and much more).

● Mi Band Master is another more functional replacement for a standard App. Among other things, there is support for smart alarm clock, the ability to customize the button on the bracelet, etc.

● Tools & Mi Band is an App that expands the capabilities of Xiaomi bracelets (customizable pulse charts, support for syncing with third-party Apps like Sleep As Android, advanced notification settings, and other features).

● Mi Band Smart Alarm is a smart alarm clock for the Mi Band Xiaomi Mi band 3 (tracks sleep phases).

●​ Find Mi Band is a simple program to find a lost bracelet.

4. How do I adjust the weather display on Mi Band 3? 

 If your Xiaomi Mi band 3 does not display the weather, despite the fact that in the settings of the App Mi Fit This feature is enabled, then you can solve the problem in the following way. It is Enough only in Mi Fit to specify your city in manual mode (and not to define automatically GPS location).

If the function has not worked (which is very rare), try the native App the Weather installed on the smartphone by default, also disable GPS location and add your city manually.


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