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How to customize wallpapers of your TV box?

ByGB Blog Official 2016-11-07 13346

Do you know how to customize wallpapers of your TV box? Here is the operating steps for you.

How to chang the home screen wallpaper or set a image as a wallpaper?


Long-press the screen to set a wallpaper for your home screen of TV box. On the default Android interface, you'll see a wallpaper-chooser dialog. If you're using a different interface, such as the customized one provided by your device's manufacturer, you may see a menu with other choices, including shortcuts and widgets. Tap the Wallpaper option in the menu.


Android provides you with three options for wallpaper as follows:


choose wallpaper for TV box


Choose an image from the Gallery app on your Android. This includes images stored locally on your phone or tablet and images stored in your Picasa Web Albums account online.

Live Wallpapers:

Live wallpapers are animated backgrounds for your home screen. Android includes a few understated live backgrounds, but you can download more from Google Play. Some live wallpapers are detailed. high-resolution 3D environments.


This option displays the preinstalled wallpapers available on your device.

The wallpaper you choose will be used on all your home screens. If you want separate wallpapers on different screens, you can use a third-party launcher with more features and customizability.

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