How to deal with the failure of fluorine-free refrigerator? [detailed explanation]

ByPearle Caldwell 2019-12-31 919

Fluorine-free refrigerators are the trend of refrigerators in recent years, because the refrigerant Freon in traditional refrigerators leaks into the air and destroys the ozone layer. There will be some failures in the fluorine-free refrigerator after using it for a long time. Do you know how to deal with the failure of the fluorine-free refrigerator? Next let the editor teach you how to deal with the failure of fluorine-free refrigerator.

Dirty blockage

Because the water and ester oil in the refrigeration pipe are easy to react with R134a, the sediment is formed to block the pipe, resulting in non-cooling. For this kind of fault, first weld the drying filter, find out the clogged place of the capillary (usually located in the welding part of the capillary and the drying filter), try to remove the clogged dirt, blow the pipe, and put on a new drying filter of the same type. Leak detection, vacuum, filling with refrigerant. & nbsp;

Second, ice block

If the refrigerator is periodically uncooled, and when the refrigerator is not cooled, the connection between the capillary tube and the drying filter is applied with a hot towel, and the refrigerator returns to refrigeration quickly, it can be judged as ice blockage. The ice blockage is due to the excessive water content in the refrigeration system, and the water freezes at the connection between the drying filter and the capillary at a lower temperature, thus blocking the capillary. During maintenance, first welding the drying filter, blowing the refrigeration pipe with high pressure nitrogen, then cleaning the pipe with R134a, welding the same type of drying filter, leak detection, vacuum and refrigerant filling.

Refrigerant leakage

First check the leak. Dry the filter under welding, clean the pipe with high pressure ammonia, rinse the pipe with R134a gas, replace it with a new drying filter of the same type, and detect leakage and vacuum to ensure that the vacuum is 60 Pa. Recharge the specified amount of R134a, seal, detect leaks and make the refrigerator run for half an hour, which proves that the refrigeration effect is good. As the R134a compressor has very strict requirements for impurities such as residual oil and moisture in the refrigeration pipeline, the whole maintenance process should be shortened as much as possible, and special materials and special leak detection equipment can not be mixed with R12.

The above is about the failure of fluorine-free refrigerator how to deal with the relevant content, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

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