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How to debug 3D printer’s heating platform

BySteve Lowry 2018-05-15 17803

3D printers are becoming more and more common in our lives. There are many 3D printers that do not have automatic leveling,the platform leveling is very important. Let's talk about how to debug heating platform.
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Why the platform leveling is so important to 3D printer?

If the spacing between heating platform and Nozzle is too far, the condition of the non-adhesive bottom platform can easily occur during the printing process.


If the distance of heating platform and the nozzle is too close, heating platform will directly affect the nozzle silking, which may also lead to the heating platform is scratched.


Leveling platform before printing helps to ensure the print object adheres to the heating platform.


Debugging-Heating-Platform 01

How to level the heating platform of 3D printer?

If your 3D printer doesn't support auto leveling, you need to debug the heating platform manually:

1. The height of the heating platform can be adjusted by the screws under the heating platform.


2. Tighten the screws, increase the distance between the heating platform and the nozzle head.


3. Loosen the screw and the heating platform will be close to the nozzle.


4. Please control the distance between the nozzle and the heating platform in the thickness of a sheet of A4 paper.


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Specific operation method

1. Auto homing

The user can directly enter the operation in the LCD display page and select "Move Axis", then select "Auto homing".

2. Adjusting the distance between platform and nozzle

After homing is complete, you can directly disconnect the power supply and USB cable, manually move the nozzle to change the nozzle position on the platform, and you also can change the position by changing the XY displacement of the extruder through the screen or software. Observe the three corners of the nozzle and the platform and adjust the distance.


After the machine completes automatic homing, you can further adjust the height of the heating platform by heating three screws under the heating platform. When you adjust each screw, make sure that the distance between the heating platform and the nozzle is the distance that a piece of A4 paper can travel. You can feel that the nozzle has a little rubbing against the A4 paper, but the A4 paper still can pass without scratching.


The comparison chart of the distance between nozzle and bottom platform:




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