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How to delete your Facebook account on Android devices?

ByMatthieu Andre 2018-12-29 6906

Fed up with the endless stories on Facebook every day? Became a global social platform, your interest may no longer be the same as before and you may suddenly change your opinion. So, how to cope with it and how to delete your Facebook account on Android?


1. Launch your Facebook APP

Facebook users interact on social platform and share different topics or contents uploaded every day. This may lead to a lack of interest, a non-use or even deleting an account. If you are no longer interested using Facebook, please follow steps to delete your account:

Back up your Facebook data

Before closing definitely your Facebook account on your Android device, you should back up your data in case you need it later. This will save all your data and contacts. After backing up, you will receive two emails, one acknowledging that Facebook received your request, and another that includes the file when it is ready. Depending on how much content you have posted to Facebook including photos, videos, text posts, and other forms of media, it might take some time for the file to be prepared. To back up your Facebook data on Android, please follow steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Facebook account.

Log in to your Facebook account 

Step 2. Select  the three lines towards the right of the top navigation bar, select Settings.

select Settings 

Step 3. Scroll down and select Settings and Privacy.

select Settings and Privacy 

Step 4. Scroll down and select Download Your Information.

select Download Your Information 

Step 5. Deselect your information's.

Step 6. Select the Create File button at the bottom of the page.

Select the Create File button 

Delete your Facebook account

For some reason, you may want to change your opinion and prevent your privacy offline. Once you backed up your data, you will be able to delete your account on Facebook. However, the APP will keep some recorded information's after deleting and will use them for selling to advertisers, ad agencies such as Cambridge Analytica. Nevertheless, make sure you aware of Facebook policies before deleting your account. That will let you know how, when, why your data are used and recorded online. Based on same process to back up your data, you can delete your account on Android by following the steps cf-below:

Step 1. Log in to your Facebook account, select the three lines towards the right of the top navigation bar.

Step 2. Scroll down and tap Settings and Privacy, select Settings, and select Account and Ownership and Control.

select Account and Ownership and Control 

Step 3. Select Deactivation and Deletion, Select Delete Account, tap Continue to Account Deactivation.

Step 4. Select Delete Account.

Select Delete Account 

Although deactivating an account is different, Facebook will only keep your profile temporary by reactivating it within 14 days. Your contents will therefore remain temporary online. However, if you are overdue, Facebook will automatically cancel your request. Contact Facebook Service Center if you request help in case.

In parallel, by deleting an account, Facebook will remove it permanently. Your account will disappear including all your contents. Easy and fast process, it will shield your life and protect yourself from intrusive people tagging you on Facebook.

Disable your Facebook settings

If you feel you want to deactivate your Facebook account, go on your Settings and disable your Facebook account. You will automatically push the APP to a "Force Stop" from your account, leading to a non-access followed by a delete on your device later. Among other things, this may secure your data and protect yourself. To do so, please follow steps:

Step 1. Log in your Facebook account.

Step 2. Tap the button on the top of the page, and then select Disable, Confirm Ok.

select Disable 

You can remotely control your Facebook account from your laptop, tablet , disable your account and remove it easily.

2. Clear up your Facebook APP on your device

If you fully decide to say "Goodbye" to Facebook and not use it anymore, clear your phone by uninstalling the APP. Your device will perform better and your storage capacity will be increased.  But before to proceed to an eventual clearing, make sure you back up all your data, and delete your account. If you don't, this may cause functional or privacy issues and you may have some troubles to get your data back on Facebook. To clear up your Facebook APP on Android device, please follow steps:

Step 1. Find the Facebook APP on your device, hold down the APP. 

Step 2. Drag it to Uninstall, and Press Ok.

Drag it to Uninstall 

Press Ok 

After clearing your Facebook APP on screen-interface, clear cache will allow you to delete all files stored on it. Please click here for further instructions.

Wrap up

To conclude, how to delete your Facebook account permanently on Android? Facebook became a major social platform for users allowing them to share contents, interact in their daily life. But depending on the interest of people, they may tend to close their account for sudden reasons such as intrusive people tagging, etc.


If you suddenly change your mind, some protective measures will help you deleting your account. Following the straight path on your device by backing up your data, deleting your account, disabling your settings and clearing up your Facebook APP will definitely ensure you a peaceful life ahead of networkers.



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