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Once you meet these problems when using your cellphone, how to do?

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Q: Why my new device cannot boot or start up properly?

A: Please charge your new device for at least 10 minutes or more before first usage; this ensures normal device boot and optimal operation. For devices with removable batteries, ensure they are properly installed before charging.


Q: What is the IMEI number of this device?

A: We cannot provide IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) numbers because each cellphone will be given a unique set of numbers after its assembly, We can’t open the packaging.


Q: Why part of the screen cannot respond to touch?

A: Try to calibrate your screen if it wasn’t calibrated for a long time. You can also do the calibration after resetting factory settings.


Q: Does this phone have Google Play Store pre-installed?

A: Only Google frame is installed. Google Play must be manually installed afterwords.


Q: Why does my cellphone have no signal or network connection?

A: Make sure that the local frequency range is compatible with the one stated at our description.


Q: What is the SAR of this product?

A: Please check:; if can’t find, maybe the SAR value of this product is not yet detected.


Q: What can I do if my cellphone crashes during the upgrade?

A: 1. Wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition (in the shutdown state, press power button and volume “+”simultaneously to enter the recovery mode and then choose “wipe date/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” to clear the data and reset factory settings). Then choose “reboot system now” to reboot;

     2. If nothing happens you need to root your device.


Q: Why my cellphone can’t run camera?

A: 1. Make sure whether the user has rooted the phone.If the phone has been rooted before, you should first restore the software at his original status;

     2. Clear the SD card, or change to another with larger capacity. Stop any process or program running in background;

     3. There might be an error while loading the software. In this event please switch off and reboot the device.


Q: Why does GPS positioning distance change all the time without accuracy?

A: The accuracy of GPS is connected with the mapping software and local satellite signal. You can try to change mapping app to figure it out.


Q: Why can’t I hear any sound when making or receiving a call ?

A: 1. Make sure the protective film has been removed completely;

     2. Try to turn up the volume of the handset;

     3. Try to change mobile signal in your area might be poor;

     4. If you cannot hear the voice of the receiver, it might be the problem of the receiver’s phone or signal.


Q: Why can’t I answer incoming calls?

A: 1. Check whether call forwarding service is active on your phone. If you can not verify, please enter the call settings of your phone, click “call forwarding service”, and then“cancel all of call forwarding services”;

    2. If the phone still cannot be called, please check whether you have opened call firewall service. If you did, please open it and select“cancel all restrictions”.

    3. If the phone still cannot be called, check up whether you have installed other soft-wares like 360, and please turn off corresponding functions;

    4. If the others cannot call you when you’re in one call, you can open the function of call waiting;

    5. There might be an error while loading the software and you just need to reboot your cellphone.


Q: How to restore the system to factory default settings ?

A: 1. Long press the power button and the volume “+” button simultaneously in shutdown state;

     2. Release buttons after the screen lights up. Wait the recovery interface to show up. If nothing happens please repeat the procedure 1;

     3. Press volume “+” and volume “-” simultaneously, select the option “wipe date/factory reset” and then press the power button to confirm it;

     4. Press volume “+” and volume “-” simultaneously, select the option to “Yes, delete all user data”, and then press the power button to confirm it;

     5. Wait for the next interface show up, choose “reboot system now” to reboot, and then press the power button to confirm it.


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