How to extend GoPro Hero 8 battery performance

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-10-03 15679

Like any camera lover, you'll know that GoPro is one of the best action cams on the market today. Only one thing is missing to make it even better, somehow the battery life has to be improved. Fortunately, there are certain GoPro settings that are suitable to maximize the GoPro battery life and in this article, we will discuss a few simple ways to improve your GoPro battery life.

Method 1: update the firmware

Update your GoPro firmware can fixes many recurring problems that may annoy you, but it would also immensely improve battery life because any replacement is implemented by the manufacturer. The GoPro firmware can be updated by connecting the cam to a smartphone via WiFi and then updating it using the GoPro app.

Method 2: turn off the cam when not in use

That sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? If you turn on the camera but don't record anything, the battery slowly shuts down. So make sure that your GoPro is turned off when you're not recording to get the battery power. Quick Capture is a useful feature that allows the cam to start recording immediately when it is turned on.

Method 3: use the "Auto Power Off Setting

Many of us forget to turn off the camera after the shooting and this slowly consumes the battery power of the camera. If you are one of those people who have always forgotten to turn the camera off to see a low battery indicator after a while, you should turn on the Auto Power Off setting. To do this, simply go to the settings menu and press the 13 times button, here you can select the number of seconds you want to give the cam until it shuts down automatically. You can choose between 60, 120 and 300 seconds.

Method 5: turn off WiFi and Bluetooth

Just like any other device, turning off WIFI and Bluetooth can help your GoPro cam improve battery life. Turning these 2 can extend the battery life by about 10-15 minutes. Be careful not to accidentally press the WIFI button on the side of the camera while shooting.

Method 6: do without the remote control and the smartphone app

The remote control of your GoPro is not only difficult to operate, but also a big power guzzler of the camera. It can reduce the total battery life of your cam by about 15% - 20% depending on use. Try using a selfie stick instead of the remote control. Avoid connecting your cam to your phone, as it greatly reduces the performance of the camera battery. So leave out the remote control and don't play with your smartphone and you can shoot many more shots with your GoPro.

Method 7: reduce the frame rate or recording resolution

Always remember, the fewer pixels and frames your camera will take, the lower the battery consumption will be. Try to set the video setting of your GoPro to 1080p, but in case of ultra HD recording, also make sure you turn off the Protune function on your camera. The 1080p at 60 fps is the standard for recording GoPro recordings. However, you can always reduce it to 720p or leave it at 1080p at 30 frames per second instead of 60, unless you're recording a professional video with the best possible quality. If you're just having fun, then 720p will certainly work fine, and more importantly, it will give you a much longer recording time.

Method 8: keep the LCD screen turned off

The new GroPro Series LCD screens have excellent features that not only allow you to see whatever you're shooting, but also make setting more convenient. However, the LCD screen can essentially reduce the battery, if you want to take more pictures, then you should turn the LCD off and record in the classic way.

Method 9: get extra batteries or a rechargeable battery to change

Surely this is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your GoPro camera. Otherwise, you can only buy a few replacement batteries from a third party at an affordable price, so you don't have to worry about shooting at high power consumption.

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