How to find the IMEI number of Xiaomi smartphone

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Ever wanted to know the IMEI number of your Xiaomi smartphone? An IMEI number can come in handy in a variety of situations: from confirming the originality of your device to preventing theft. In this post, we explain how you can quickly find your phone's IMEI number and what it can tell you.

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What is an IMEI number?

IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity and its primary purpose is to identify mobile devices. Its secondary purpose — and the one ensuing from the main one — is protecting the phone from theft. If your phone has been stolen and your carrier knows the phone's IMEI number, they can blacklist this number and lock it out of the network. This means that your phone's thief will not be able to get a new SIM — and since IMEI numbers are hard-coded into the phone, wiping it from the device will be practically impossible.

Thus, having your phone's IMEI number handy can be very useful — especially, since it's very easy to find it out on your Xiaomi smartphone.

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How to find your Xiaomi phone's IMEI number?

Now let's see how to actually locate your Xiaomi phone's IMEI number. There are several quick ways to do this.

1. Find IMEI numbers for Xiaomi phones on the packaging.

Look for a bar code label at the bottom of your Xiaomi smartphone box. Typically, together with the IMEI number, you will see an MEID (mobile equipment identifier) and the phone's serial number.

IMEI number on the package

If you don't find this info on the box, check out the user manual and other materials inside the box. Sometimes the phone's IMEI number may be located on the phone itself: if your phone comes with a removable battery, you can often find the IMEI number label under the battery. Simply slide off the phone's back and remove the battery to reveal the number.

2. Find IMEI number through Setting Menu.

Another way to find your Xiaomi smartphone's IMEI number is through the Settings Menu. Go to Setting > About Phone > Status > IMEI information. With Xiaomi phones, you will often see two IMEI numbers here — as most devices come with two SIM card slots.

Xiaomi phone statusIMEI information on Xiaomi smartphone

3. Find IMEI number through the dial pad.

Most Xiaomi phones will let you find out the IMEI number through the dial pad. Simply punch in "*#06#" and you will see the phone's IMEI number displayed on the screen. The code above should work with other phones as well and is considered universal for most Android phone brands from Xiaomi to Samsung.

find IMEI number through dial pad

We hope this post has been helpful. If you have more questions about your Xiaomi smartphone, do not hesitate to contact our customer support — we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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