How to find WiFi router trouble according to the indicator light

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-06-26 3562

With the popularity of the Internet, our lives are becoming increasingly inseparable from the network and the carrier that supports it - the router is becoming increasingly important. But what do you really know about this life? Do you understand how it works? Next, explain the meaning of each display on the router so that you can better understand how the router works and meet later. I can find a solution to related problems.

WiFi router indicator light

WiFi router indicator light introduction

1. PWR / M1

Full name power, means power indicator, continuous light indicates that the power is on, no light indicates that the power is not on.

2.SYS / M2

The complete name "System" stands for the system status display. This display can be used to determine the operating status of the Internet access device. If the indicator is lit permanently or not, the system is faulty. When it flashes, the system is normal. In general, the SYS indicates that the system error was only initialized. It's not very serious.


The full name is Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), which means that the WLAN status indicator is disabled. If this option is disabled, the router will not enable the wireless function. If it is permanently lit, the WLAN function is activated.

4. Lan 1/2/3/4

The full name is Local Area Network, which means that the LAN status indicator is disabled. If the indicator is not lit, the port is not connected to the network. When the indicator is lit, the port is normally connected. When the display flashes, the port is transmitting data.

5. WAN

The full name is the Wide Area Network, i.e. the WAN status display. If the indicator is constantly lit, the corresponding port is normally connected. When it flashes, the port is transmitting data. When the network is off, the indicator does not light or lights red.


1.The displays of the different routers are not the same. If the router does not have a label, you can judge the meaning of these indicators by looking at the figure.

2 If M1 and M2 flash simultaneously, the system is reset to the factory settings.

Troubleshooting according to WiFi router

1. The PWR operation display is off.

Under normal circumstances, the power indicator will illuminate. If it does not light, the power supply is not checked or the router is defective. At this point you should check the power supply or replace the router.

2.SYS system status display is not bright

If this LED is not lit, there is a problem with the router. In this case, you can first try the following methods:

1 Turn off the router, reinstall the router, and upgrade the system to test if it is affected by virus corruption or software conflicts.

2 Click the Reset button to reset the router to the factory default settings. If it is not recommended to replace the router.

3. The LAN indicator is not lit.

The LAN LED is connected to the computer. If it is not lit, there is a problem with the interface or the network cable. The interface problem may be that the router or WLAN card interface is faulty. Check and replace the damaged parts one after the other.

4. WAN lights up

If the WAN indicator is red or not lit, there is a problem with the external line and you must contact your broadband provider for troubleshooting.

If the WAN indicator blinks normally but the network is not available, this is usually an internal problem. You can restart the device and router first. If this still does not work, check that the IP address of the phone or computer is set correctly. control room


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