How to find your lost Apple Airpods

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You just had your AirPods, but now you can't find Apple wireless headphones. Did you lose them on the road, did someone steal them, or did they just slip into the sofa crack? Luckily, you can locate the AirPods and hopefully find them quickly. UPDATED shows you how to do it.

Requirements for locating the AirPods

You can only detect your Apple headphones if a few conditions are met:

  • AirPods must be connected via Bluetooth, so they must be within range of one of your Apple devices.
  • The search only works if the mini headphones are not in their closed case.
  • You need an active iCloud account.
  • It's necessary to activate the Find My iPhone service before you lose the AirPods. This won't work afterwards.

Locating AirPods: Using the "Find My iPhone" app

When the AirPods are gone, you can have their location determined. On iPhone and iPad, use the Find My iPhone app to search.

Find your headphones with the app

1. When you set up your iPhone, you could install the app with it if you wanted. If you didn't, download it from the App Store.

Find your headphones with the app 

2. Then open the app and log in with your Apple ID and password.

3. in the next step, your iPhone asks you to allow location access for the app - this is necessary for it to work. Tap Allow.

4. After that, you can turn on the Send Last Location feature. The app will then save the last known location of your iPhone or connected devices for up to 24 hours, even if the battery is flat. Tap Activate to do this.

  • The app opens with a map. The round icons on it show where your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, or Apple Watch are. You don't have to set anything up, Apple automatically locates all your devices when they're paired via Bluetooth.

6. tap AirPods from [your name] (or the name you gave your AirPods) in the list below the map. A new view opens.

7. Tap Actions and select the vehicle icon. You will then automatically switch to the "Maps" app and be shown the address where your AirPods are located. The app also shows the route and the distance to the location of your headphones in meters.

Tap Actions and select the vehicle icon.

Maybe you just misplaced one of the AirPods, or even both in different places? Then it is important to know: The map in the Find My iPhone app shows only the location of one earplug at a time. So if you find only one AirPod at the location the app shows you, plug it into the Ladecase first. Then reload the map in the app and find the second AirPod.

If your AirPods cannot be located via the app, there can be several reasons for this:


  • Your AirPods are out of range.
  • Your battery is flat.
  • The headphones are in the case.

In this case there is a grey dot in the device list in front of your AirPods. The app will then show when and where the headphones were last connected.

Find your headphones with the app 

In most cases, it is possible to get up to 24 hours of information about the last location where the headphones were connected. You can also see when they were last online. If the AirPods have not been connected for more than 24 hours, you will see the information Offline. You can then tap Notify When Found. When the device is back online, you'll receive an email at the address listed with your Apple ID.

Locate AirPods: On your computer

You can also track your AirPods through your browser on any computer. For this you use the iCloud. And that's how it works:

  • Go to the iCloud page and log in with your Apple ID and password.
  •  Click on the iPhone search field. A card with all your connected Apple devices appears.

Find your headphones with the app 

  • The AirPods will automatically appear on the map: with a green dot when they are connected, otherwise with a grey mark.

Playing a sound to find the AirPods

You use the Find My iPhone app or the iCloud to find out that your AirPods need to be somewhere nearby. Still can't find them? If they fall behind a shelf or lie hidden somewhere in your bed, just let them play a sound - and it's easier to discover them.

Find your headphones with the app 

Playing sound via the "Search my iPhone" app

1. In the Find My iPhone app, tap the AirPods field from [your name] in the list below the map. A detailed map will open.

  • Tap Actions below, then tap Play Sound.
  • For two minutes, the headphones will emit a series of high-pitched beeps that gradually increase in volume.
  • Once you've discovered AirPods, tap Stop Playback in the app. If you need more time, restart the sound.
  • If only one of the two Airpods has appeared, you can mute the headphones you found to hear the missing one better. To do this, tap either Mute Left or Mute Right at the bottom of the "Find My iPhone" app, depending on which earplug you've already found.

Play sound via the iCloud in your browser

  • Log in to iCloud in your browser as described above and go to iPhone Search.
  • Click the AirPods icon. Alternatively, select All devices above, search for AirPods in the list and click. This will open a new small window at the top right of your browser.
  • Click Play Sound - and the AirPods will start beeping.

You can locate AirPods via iOS devices or with the iCloud

AirPods are wireless headphones that connect to your iPhone, iPad, Mac or other device via Bluetooth. If you lose them, you can locate them. There are a few requirements: They need to be connected and within range via Bluetooth, and they can't be empty or in a closed case. Also, tracking only works if Apple's Find My iPhone service is enabled. You can then track the location of the headphones with the iOS app of the same name or in the browser via the iCloud. You can also get AirPods to beep from there.

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