How to find your TV box's IP and MAC address?

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Do you also have no idea about how to find the TV box's IP and MAC address? Here is the method for you.

TV box's IP and MAC address

Find IP & Mac address of Apple TV: Navigate to Settings -> General -> About.

In the "About" menu not only will you see information like your device's model number, serial number, and what version of OS you're running, you'll also see what network the device is connected to, the IP address, and the "Wi-Fi Address" or "Ethernet Address" depending on what kind of network you're connected to. The MAC address will be formatted, as seen above, in six groups of two hexadecimal digits separated by colons.

We'd highly recommend writing this down and possibly even (gasp!) sticking it with a piece of tape to the bottom of your Apple TV so you don't need to reference the system menu again to find it.

The IP address depends on the network you're on and unless you're currently connected to the network and talking to the network administrator (or you are the network administrator and you know which network the device is on) you should disregard the IP address until the device is on the appropriate network.


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