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How to find your Wi-Fi password on Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS and router settings

ByOleg Romanenko 2019-01-08 15086

Hello friends! Well, have you forgotten the password from your Wi-Fi? No, I'm not gloating, but I’m going to help you find your forgotten password from Wi-Fi network. During the setup of the router did not write down the password, or tried to remember but forgot? In fact, this is a small problem and can be easily solved.

It’s good if all devices are already connected, and it seems that the password is no longer needed, but anyway, the moment will come when you need to connect another computer, tablet, or phone and you will need a password from your wireless network that you have forgotten or lost.


forgot wifi password

How to find a WiFi password on Windows?

To recover a forgotten password from Wi-Fi, we need only one connected computer to our network.We take the computer that is successfully connected to our wireless network and right-click on the connection icon (in the lower right corner). Select "Network and Sharing Center". On a Windows PC that’s connected to your Wi-Fi network, do one of the following, depending on which version of Windows is running on your PC:

● On Windows 10, select the Start  button, then select Settings  > Network & Internet  > Status  > Network and Sharing Center.

● On Windows 8.1 or 7, search for Network and, then select Network and Sharing Center from the list of results.


windows wifi password

A window will open in which we select "Wireless Management". Another window will appear in which we right-click on our connection and select "Properties".

Now go to the tab "Security" and opposite the "Network Security Key", we see the hidden characters. This is our password, in order to find it, just put a tick next to "Display input characters" and you will see the password from your Wi-Fi network. Now the most important point, write this password on a piece of paper and put it in a safe place, just do not forget where you put it. In general, you understand me. Well, if your network is not yet secure, be sure to read how to set (change) the password for the Wi-Fi network.

What if there is no "Wireless Network Management" item?

If you do not have the Wireless Network Management item in the control panel, then do this: In the notification panel click the connection icon, will open a list of networks. Right-click on the network to which you are connected and from which you need to know the password, and select Properties.

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How to find a WiFi password on Mac OS?

It's pretty simple - just use the "keychain" utility on your Mac. In order to run the "keychain", you must use the Spotlight search field. You can call it by pressing the key combination "Ctrl + space". Then in the window that appears, enter the name of our utility and select it in the drop-down menu.

keychain access


When you open the program, you will see all the existing options for which passwords are required and that have ever been run on your Mac. In this list you need to choose the name of the WiFi network that you use.

system keychain 

Then everything is quite simple. It is necessary to put a flag in the empty box opposite the inscription "show password". After that, another window will appear asking for the Mac OS administrator's name and password. As soon as this operation is completed, your treasured characters will appear in the field next to the "show password" message.

input password 

By the way, this utility helps to "remember" passwords not only from the wireless Internet, but also from any resources that you have visited on this computer. So being able to use a "keychain" is quite useful. Suddenly, ever come in handy?

Find out the password from the WIFI settings of the router

To view the password from WIFI, you can go to its settings and peep. Launch Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera or any other browser and enter the address. or

the web interface of the router 

The it will load the web interface of the router. It is important to know the password and login from entering the settings. This data should be known to the master who set up your router. If they were recorded in a notebook, then instantly look for it!

In some cases, the password and login are already saved to the browser, and they are automatically substituted. In this case, just click the Login button.

Once in the settings of the router, you need to find a section with the WIFI settings and go to the Security Settings. There, in the PSK Encryption Key section, you can see the password from your Wi-Fi. Peep it and exit the settings. The main thing here is not to change anything so that everything works as before.

The bottom line

So, I use the above methods! And if you have other suggestions, how to find out the password from WI-FI on the computer and router, then I am waiting for your suggestions (blog@gearbest.com).

That's all, good luck!


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