How to fix an Android phone not charging problems?

ByJordan Hobbs 2019-05-28 1660

Charging problem with Android phone? This is a common problem faced by many Android users. You plug in your phone to charge, nothing happens. Make sure that both ends are securely connected, but they are still not displayed. This is part of what you might start to panic because the problem may be a bit more serious than you think. Don't worry, as the following tips will help determine why your Android device is not charging, and what you can do to fix it.

How to fix an Android phone not charging problems

1. Try soft reset

Soft reset simply turns off the phone and then turns it back on. This is the first solution you should try before you start doing anything else to solve the problem. Some applications that run in the background can affect the battery. By restarting the phone, it allows your phone to work without these applications blocking it.

2. Try another charging cable

The charging cable has undergone a lot of twisting and may not be handled with care. If it's not easily connected to your device, damage is more likely to happen. There is a good chance that you have more than one cable lying around, so try switching cables to see if this is the problem.

3.USB port needs to be repaired

A constant plug and unplug power supply may move some of the metal surface inside the USB port. If this is the case, then the connection is not good, your phone will obviously not charge or slowly charge.

Turn off the device and remove the battery. Ask a friend to light up the port for you and use a toothpick (or something similar) to balance the small tabs on the port. Be careful when doing this to avoid permanent damage.

4. Adapter does not work

If you have a charger that can be separated from the cable, then this is another possibility. Continued removal of the cable can damage the USB port. To check if there is a problem with the adapter, try switching the adapter.

Ask a friend if you can use them, or you can always buy a new one. You can also try to connect your device to your computer. If it charges, then the new adapter now sounds good, right?

5. Is it a battery of the new era?

As time goes on, bad battery maintenance habits can catch up with you. Sooner or later you need to replace the battery, but these bad habits can speed up the process. If you can't replace the battery yourself, find a professional to replace it.

The obvious sign that you need a new battery is if it swells or leaks. Remove the battery, place it on a flat surface and try to rotate. If it spins even a little, this is the time for a new battery. Another indication that your battery is no longer working, it will not charge a fee. (The battery life will drop from 100% to 50% after charging.) If your phone has a non-removable battery, take it to your local cell phone repair shop and use these tools to replace it.

6. Clean up the port

You may be surprised at how much dust and food debris can get into your phone. Maybe you didn't put your phone in the same pocket as the snack you are eating, but you can bet that the bread crumbs are still there.

If you can, using a can of compressed air is your best choice. If not, try blowing into the port. See if you can take out the tiny pieces that might be there.

7. Use original charger

This is why we are all guilty. You can't find your new charger, so you just grab the charger of the old phone because the plug fits. The charger is designed to meet certain voltage and current specifications for each phone.

If you don't use the original charger, you may slow down the charging process or the phone may not charge at all. Some phones will not charge or turn on if you are not using the original charger. In addition, some phones may take fifteen minutes to see the charging display.

To sum up

Hope these helpful tips, you can be prepared to deal with this situation in the future. Do you have a better way to charge?

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