How to fix the refrigerator door cannot be closed?

ByCordi Caulton 2019-12-30 989

The refrigerator is a household appliance that we are very familiar with, but after using it for a little time, it will have some minor problems. When we use the refrigerator, we will encounter that the refrigerator door cannot be sucked, so how can we repair the refrigerator door if it is not closed? There is no need for us to worry. If there is a problem, there must be a solution. Let's take a look at the maintenance method of insufficient suction of refrigerator door with Xiaobian.

How to fix the refrigerator door cannot be closed?

1. Door seal aging

Because the refrigerator door is opened and opened for a lot of times, the refrigerator door seal almost always lives under the stress state. If the refrigerator door seal is in such a state for a long time, the door seal is prone to aging, deformation and so on. As a result, the refrigerator door will not be tightly closed.

2. Maintenance should be proper

The refrigerator is improperly maintained. in fact, like us, refrigerators are often properly maintained. Improper maintenance, or never maintenance, will make them sick, and the refrigerator door is not tightly closed.

3. Regular cleaning

It is very important to clean up the refrigerator correctly. for the treatment of the refrigerator, not only the interior of the refrigerator can be dealt with, but also the outside of the refrigerator should be cleaned frequently, otherwise, once too many stains are deposited on the outside of the refrigerator, it will make the door of the refrigerator not tightly closed, and the door seal should be cleaned regularly and correctly.

4. Regular replacement of sealing strip

First take out the magnetic strip from the original old door seal, but first attach it to the freezer to avoid damage or the possibility of breaking, then remove the old seal and replace the new door seal, and finally embed the magnetic strip that was just taken out into the new door seal.

How to fix the insufficient suction of refrigerator door?

The cause of insufficient suction in refrigerator may be caused by the damaged seal. And here are the methods of replacing the seal of refrigerator door:  

1. Make sure that the gasket of refrigerator needs to be replaced

Put a thin piece of paper between your refrigerator door frame and the gasket and pull the paper out of the refrigerator door. If the paper comes out easily without resistance, the problem with you closing the door is the wrong gasket.

2. Determine the type of refrigerator model gasket

Consult the guide for your refrigerator to determine its model. You can find the model type printed inside or on the cover of the manual. If you are not sure about the model of your refrigerator, contact the manufacturer directly by visiting their website or calling the phone number provided in this manual. You can also cut out a small piece of gasket from the refrigerator door, and it matches the gasket library that exists, specializing in door-to-door maintenance or refrigerator retail stores. If your gasket must be specially ordered, use glue or plasticine to reconnect the pad refrigerator.

3. Remove the damaged gasket from the refrigerator

Check that the gasket is affixed to the refrigerator to determine how it is held in place. The gasket can have adhesive tape, screws, or fasten it to the refrigerator door panel. Use appropriate tools or methods to remove defective gaskets. For example, if the gasket is fixed in place with a screw, remove the screw with a screwdriver. If the tape is in place, pry the gasket away from the refrigerator door panel with a putty knife. On one side of the pull gasket away from the door panel, this will allow you to confirm that all fastening components have been completely removed to prevent the gasket from breaking and being thrown on the door panel.

4. Cleaning the sealing place

If there may be difficulties in applying a new washer to adhesive or dirt, wash the remaining residue with sponge liquid tableware detergent and warm water, you can use a steel wool swab pad instead of a sponge to clean any stubborn residue that is difficult to remove, just install the new gasket.

The above is about how to fix the refrigerator door cannot be closed, I hope it can be helpful to all of you!

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