How to fix the top 5 ASUS ZenFone 2 problems

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To help ASUS Zenfone 2 owners take full advantage of their phabet, Gearbest has compiled a handy FAQ that covers some of the more common issues together with helpful solutions.

ASUS had a surprise hit on their hands with the seminal Zenfone 2, enjoying tremendous success across global markets. It's not difficult to see why: powerful performance, razor-sharp 1080P, a fast Intel processor, 13.0MP camera, and a beefy 3000mAh battery. But sometimes there are unexpected problems using daily use – keep calm and relax, we're here to resolve them with this guide.

ASUS Zenfone 2 FAQ

First, check if it's a system problem, specifically if there are too many junk files – this can slow down the system speed and then make the touchscreen less responsive. You will need to use third-party software to clean it up. Develop a habit of routinely cleaning the phone contents with a maintenance app to ensure a smooth user experience. If the Zenfone 2 is still unresponsive, try the following methods:

● Try to reboot or restore factory settings.

● If the screen has developed a fault, please contact the aftersales service for further assistance.

Note: if only a few areas of the screen work, then it is a screen fault.

This could be due to either a software or hardware issue, so try the following fixes:

● First of all, enter the Settings - About - Software information and then click 5 time of Build number to open developer options, if you already turn on the developer options then it becomes simply Settings - Developer options, then deactivate the Auto brightness options, and Restart the smartphone.

Zenfone 2 settings

Zenfone 2 Software information

● If this does not resolve the issue, try to update the system ROM firmware, click here to update.

● If a firmware update does not help, restore the phone's factory settings.

● If none of the above methods work, your phone might require a professional repair. Contact our aftersales service.

This can be divided into 2 cases:

● If the opening sound vibration occurs as normal when the screen is black, there is a fault with the screen. You should contact the aftersales service to arrange a product return for repair.

● If it becomes black after it has booted, the problem may be caused by a third-party app. Whether it's due to an unstable app or OS incompatibility, just uninstall the recently download app followed by restarting your Asus phone.

(Tip: Try to determine which app is causing the black screen and uninstall it.)

Don't worry. First, try adjusting the volume with the volume keys on the standby screen to check if the device is in silent mode. If the volume problem still persists, follow these steps:

● The audio file may be faulty. Try playing another track/song to determine if the issue is caused by the track or speaker.

● If the speaker is faulty, back up your important data and restore factory settings.

● If there is still no sound, your phone might require a professional repair. Our aftersales service can arrange this for you.

This device carries the Chinese firmware version with pre-installed the Google's architecture. This does not include the Google Play Store, so you will need to download and install it first, before installing your favorite apps through it.

Final Words:

Apart from the above questions and answers, customers should be aware that the Zenfone 2 phablet supports NFC, and the battery is non-detachable and it can work for approximately 2 - 3 year of normal use. Some customers have asked about the firmware version; our in-house engineers installed v12.8 which has multi-language support.

For Gearbest users who require aftersales assistance for the Zenfone 2 or any of our other products, simply contact our dedicated Support Center. Just complete the ticket details and send it to us, we will deal with your support issue as soon as possible. We're always here to help.

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