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How to flash the Android TV box via SD card

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-19 52209

Android TV box is a home smart terminal that is popular among users. Many people are also very interested in upgrading the TV box. Due to policy restrictions, or because of the manufacturer’s own consideration, the system always equipped with limited features. Flashing firmware is the best way to solve this problem; we will introduce how to use the SD card to flash the Android TV box.

TV box

Ready to work:

1. Prepare an SD card and an SD card reader;

2. Download the ROM according to the TV box chip;

3. Download the card flash tool ( PhoenixCard.exe ).

Flash steps:

One: making a flash tool (similar to the system U disk of the computer reinstallation system)

1. Prepare the downloaded firmware (decompress it to *.img file, if the downloaded content is img format, you don't need to decompress it)

2, Run the download burning tool compression package PhoenixCard.exe, the system will automatically identify the inserted SD card (must pull out all the external storage devices except the one SD card being used);

3. Click on the image file (button) and select the firmware you want to burn (*.img file downloaded from the official website);

4, click to burn (Note: the computer will format the SD card before burning, if there is data in the card need to be backed up in advance); After the system prompts to finish writing, click "Exit", then pull out the SD card.

Started to flash TV box

1. Make sure the TV box is powered off (you must unplug the power cord);

2. Open the box interface cover, you will see a SD card socket above the USB interface, insert the SD card;

3. Turn on the power and start to flash the TV box (the TV box indicator light starts to flash, indicating that the TV box is being flashed);

4. After the indicator light stops flashing, first unplug the power supply, then remove the SD card (at this time the programming has been completed);

5. Turn on the power and turn it on (the first boot time after flashing is relatively long, wait patiently).

Warp up

Flashing TV box is a more in-depth system optimization method than the system upgrade. Although the flash TV box can solve the problem of the box being stuck or dead due to system failure, the risk itself is large, so it is not a last resort, and it is not recommended to flash the TV box. Especially for new user, don't try it easily!


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