How to fly aircraft like a Pro - for beginners

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Eager to fly a drone, but confused about how to control it safely and precisely? There is something you should do if you want to play like a pro! In this chapter, we will introduce Syma X5HC quadcopter:

X5HC quadcopter

Flying in an open area

The first step of learning how to fly should be the safety. Since you will be playing with a flying machine, it can get quite dangerous if you are a beginner. Follow our advise:

1. Go to the park or other open areas.

2. Find a place free from power lines, cellphone towers or other transformer devices.

3. Stay away from trees, street lights and utility wires.

4. Keep away from people, pets and transportation junction.

5. Fly in the morning for reducing the chances of flying in the wind.

Pre-flight routine check

Before you take the copter to the air, a few check is possible for they can save your copter from burning-off.

Check whether the drone and transmitter are fully charged already.

Check whether that the drone battery is locked in place and connected already.

Check and make sure that there are no missing nor broken spare parts.

Make sure the propellers are correctly attached without obstruction.

If the drone is equipped with a camera, make sure that the memory card is inserted already.


Everything is ready? OK, let's get to the point of how to flight!

Familiar with transmitter

If you want to fly the flying vehicle like a pro, the another thing you need to do is familiar with transmitter!

1. Right stick

The right stick controls "rolling" and "side flying". The quadcopter will flip forward/backward/leftward/rightward according to your instruction.

Aileron (roll): controls the left and right movement.

Elevator (pitch): controls the forward and backward movement.

2. Left stick

The left stick controls "throttle" and "yaw".

Throttle: Transferring power to the propellers and forcing them to spin.

Yaw: Controlling the clockwise and counter clockwise rotation of your quadcopter.

Doing some exercise for consolidation

The next process is to practise for consolidation: taking off, hovering, landing, flying forward/backward/left/right.

Believe it or not, hover is one of the hardest action to learn when flying. If you want to do some spectacular stunts, we think you should put more effect on it.

That's all for now

Now you know the most important factors of playing aircraft. Once you have a good command of these basic things, we believe that you are not far from success!

Note: If you just got your first aircraft, you'd better look over the user manual first.


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