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How to force quit your Apple Watch APP?

ByMatthieu Andre 2019-03-11 1837

Get a bunch of APPs slowing down your Apple Watch? Closing out your Apps is a traditional way of faster your device but most of people may forget to close out them due to lack of time, etc. Because of your Apps stack on your Apple Watch, Apple features specific ergonomic buttons and APPs to remind the closing and prevent your battery running out. Therefore, if you want to force quit your Apple Watch APP, precautions must be due. But let's have a close look on reasons before moving forward on tips.

1. Why closing your Applications on Apple Watch?

 Applications on Apple Watch 

Respectively known as of the most efficient methods, that is necessary to understand why closing APP is requiring on your device. By closing all your Applications, you will optimize your screen interface and conserve your battery to power your device enough. Even though it won't extend your battery, your APP stack on your Apple Watch will slow down your device by causing a poor battery's performance.


Among other things, if you keep opening new Applications and not closing them on time, you may not be able to force quit your Apple Watch APP. Your smartwatch being inaccessible with loaded APPs, there are two traditional ways to close them, either by holding down buttons or troubleshooting. This will therefore result by a complete closing of your Watch if you perceive to follow both methods as shown above.

Apple Watch 

2. Close Applications on Apple Watch

Being the first consecutive method, a simple press button will fix your screen interface of your Apple Watch. By doing so, you will be able to force close your APPs by shutting down and rebooting your device manually.


This method being costless and easy to use, it will improve your battery's performance and maximize your Apple Watch efficiency. Largely used when you stack too many APPs and can't access on your screen interface, this is without doubt the fastest way of closing your Applications. Therefore, if you experience one of those issues, please follow steps below:

Step 1. Press the side button on the right side of your Apple Watch.

Press the side button on the right side 

Step 2. Scroll down by swiping up or down on the Apple Watch.

Step 3. Swipe left on any open Applications you want to close.

Swipe left on any open Applications 

Step 4. Tap the "X' to close the APP.

Tap the “X’ to close the APP 

In one hand, this method can be considered as an immediate closing of your current APP by leading to a smooth interface, but in other hand, it may be seen as temporary because you may open other APPs after rebooting your device, generally causing screen issues. Therefore, that is recommended to deactivate or remove your unnecessary APP by troubleshooting them.

3. Troubleshoot problematic Applications

Being the second consecutive method based on the first one, your power flow will be faster after rebooting your Apple Watch and selecting your APP deleted. Because your device will restart by a simple press, you will be able to force close APP by deactivating or deleting it. Somehow, your storage capacity will be increase and your user experience improved with a fast opening Application, a smooth screen interface, and a quick access without any screen issues. If you want therefore to troubleshoot your problematic APPs, please follow steps below:

Step 1. Force quit the APP by holding and pressing the side button of your Apple Watch.

Step 2. Restart your Apple Watch by pressing and holding the side button.

Step 3. Delete and reinstall the APP by opening the Watch App on your iPhone.

Step 4. Tap "My Watch" to select your unwanted APP.

Tap My Watch to select your unwanted APP 

Step 5. "Turn off" Show APP on your Apple Watch.

Turn off Show APP on your Apple Watch 

Nevertheless, if your troubleshooting fails because of unknown reason, that is recommended to contact first Apple Customer Service for further information's. By doing so, it will give you a clear understanding of your issue by following clear steps. In case of third party APP, please contact Apple APP developer for further information's if you experience open Applications.  

Wrap up

To conclude, Apps stack on your Apple Watch may occur anytime when you select your APP and don't close it. Generally causing a screen issue on your Apple Watch, two traditional ways were developed for closing them, either by holding down buttons or troubleshooting.


Though both methods may look similar, they differ in term of efficiency and performance for improving your screen interface giving you a quick access on your Application.  Because it result of Apps stack, the faster way is therefore using one of those methods to close efficiently your APPs.


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