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How to install a VPN on your router?

ByHenry Wang 2019-01-02 6543

Why do we need to set up VPN on the router? How to install a VPN on router? Different Router model and firmware may result in different setting method, but the general idea is the same. This method has been tested repeatedly and is suitable for most Routers supporting PPTP/L2TP.


Why do we set up VPN on the router?

Reason 1: It solves the problem that there are many devices at home that need to use VPN at any time, and it no longer needs the tedious operation of login connection on each device.

Reason 2: There is no need to worry about the VPN account restricting the number of connected terminals any more. routers can make one account available for many terminals.

Reason 3: Smart routers are very popular nowadays. Most of the routers in the market support the PPTP connection. The setup and use of them are becoming more and more humanized. They are cheaper, and they are also no longer something that can only be manipulated by experts.

Reason 4: The setup scheme of two routers can meet the need of switching network at any time as some people need to use local network, while some need to use the VPN network. In this way, they can be staggered to connect and use without affecting each other. When not in use, the router connecting to VPN network can also be turned off, that is on-demand.

What to do before setting up VPN on the router?

● Two routers A and B. No special requirements are needed for router A, while router B must support PPTP.

● A VPN account.

How do I set up on the router? Is it complicated? However, it can be said that it is very simple, and the general idea is as follows:

Step 1: router A doesn't need any extra settings. It's OK to surf the Internet as usual. This step has actually been completed. Here it is assumed that the gateway for router a is

Step 2: router B is connected to router A by network cable as shown below. Crystal head wire is used to connect router A LAN port to router B WAN port, and then VPN connection is set up in router B. The connection diagram is as follows:

Router B is connected to Router A  

Step 3: After connecting the routers, we login to router B management page for VPN settings, and we can check the instructions for how to login routers.

After login, follow the following parameters to set up:

● Choose the PPTP or L2TP connection mode to set up VPN connection (Most L2TP VPN line connections need to input IPSEC shared key, some routers may not have this option, it is recommended to use PPTP first).

● VPN username, password and server address. They are provided by VPN service providers.

● IP address: 192.168.1.X (The last number can be any number between 2 and 254).

● Subnet mask: Generally, it is (The subnet mask of router A can be modified according to the actual situation).

● Gateway address: Generally, it is (The gateway of router A can be modified according to the actual situation.)

● Both DNS server and router MAC addresses remain default. After setting up, click on the application to confirm the validity. You can connect it in a moment.

● Connecting the network using router B is the VPN network. The connecting terminals such as computers, mobile phones and tablets do not need to set up VPN connections. In addition, the VPN can also be used on devices such as Blackberry, Symbian, WP, and PS3 that do not support VPN settings.

What if there is a conflict between router A and router B?

The solution is to modify the login address ports of one of the routers to make them different. Most routers support modification. Specific modification methods can be used to check your router's instructions or search on the Internet. Generally, there are related settings in the router management page. For example, the modification location of my TP-LINK TD-W89841N router is set up under "System Management" - Management Control.

The router's default login address is generally Here, we modify the login address port, such as port 8080. At this time, the router's login address should be, which is accessed by this kind of address.



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