How to maintain the camera?

ByHerb Dodds 2020-01-06 1552

Camera is a kind of precision instrument with complex structure, so we should pay attention to avoid violent vibration in the process of use, carrying and storage. To protect against heat, sun, dust and harmful gases, so as not to cause damage.Here are some common sense of camera maintenance:

1.  For cameras that have not been used for a long time, in the mildew and rainy season, the camera should be separated from the leather case, and the battery should be removed from the camera with battery, then stored in a sealed box or plastic bag, put in an appropriate amount of desiccant and stored in a low-temperature ventilated place.

2. The lens is the most important part of the camera, the optical glass hardness of the lens is not high, not only can not be collided, but also can not be wiped casually. Try to avoid dust, water droplets, fingerprints dirty lens, when not in use, it is best to add lens cover protection. If there is dust, it can be blown off by blowing balloons or gently wiped with a soft brush. As a last resort, choose a good lens paper or skimmed cotton and gently wipe it. All kinds of lens cleaners contain solvents and cannot flow into the lens, otherwise the solvent will dissolve the interlayer adhesive of the lens or form mildew spots. Brush off the dust before wiping the lens. The dust contains some particles with high hardness, which can scratch the lens.

3. An acidic substance secreted by mold during growth that can corrode lens glass and other metal parts. It is emphasized that the dry state of the camera in preservation is the fundamental way to prevent mold erosion. Bring the camera into the warm room in winter. If you turn on the camera immediately, there will be a layer of tiny water droplets on the lens surface, and the greater the temperature difference, the more water droplets will increase. You can only wait for the lens water droplets to volatilize naturally, and you can't bake or wipe them by the stove or heating.

4. After using the camera, release the shutter and the spring of the selfie machine, because the spring will affect its mechanical performance due to fatigue. If there is no special need, do not often use the electric motor to take fast and continuous photography, which is not good for the machine, but also costs film. Try not to take a selfie with a shutter faster than 1 stroke for more than 125 seconds, so as not to damage the spring. When using a selfie, you should tighten the shutter before winding the trigger.

5. According to the instructions of some high-end electronic cameras, the camera can work accurately in all environments with an external temperature of 60 ℃ ~-30 ℃. However, the adaptability of electronic cameras to high and low temperatures is always not as good as that of mechanical cameras. When the electronic shutter is used continuously at high temperature, it is easy to damage the electronic components, and the performance of the battery will suddenly decrease when the battery is below 0 ℃ or in a wet condition. So when you go out for an interview in winter in the north, you must bring a spare battery and use your body temperature to keep warm alternately. Often photography in cold areas, it is best to use a mechanical shutter camera suitable for low-temperature climate, and consider using cold-resistant lithium battery photometry to ensure normal work.

6. Many modern cameras need batteries to supply the flash power in the camera shutter and photometric system. In addition to the different structure and working principle, the shape, size and voltage of the battery are also different, which is divided into disposable battery and rechargeable battery. All the camera factories have indicated that they are not allowed to use them incorrectly in order to avoid malfunction. For example, Konica's FT-1 and pop cameras use ordinary No. 5 batteries, specifically pointing out that nickel-cadmium batteries cannot be rechargeable. Both Nikon F3 and Ricoh KR- 7 cameras specify that they use two 1.55V silver oxide batteries or one 3V lithium battery instead of each other. Note that the positive and negative poles can not be reversed, and do not mix different brands and different voltages, as well as new batteries and used batteries, and do not use chargers to charge disposable batteries to avoid danger.

7. After the camera is in use, the focal length must be adjusted back to the infinite position so that the lens can be retracted to the maximum extent. Only in this way can the folding camera fold smoothly and the metal tube camera be put into the leather case. If the metal box of the double-lens reflective camera does not return to the infinite position, there will be local image blurring defects after squeezing, which is very troublesome to repair and adjust.

8. Use a rain-proof hard camera bag when you go out, and hang the camera on your chest or slant on your shoulder at the scene, which is much more secure than hanging it on your shoulder. The belt should not be too long so that it can be protected by hand at any time. In the car and boat, you should avoid the violent vibration of the camera, and do not place photographic equipment near high-temperature objects such as car engines and radiators. In summer, we should avoid the hot sun, and pay attention to moistureproof and dustproof in windy, sandy and rainy weather.

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