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How to maintain Xiaomi Mi phone memory?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-08 8377

Mobile phone development today, in addition to faster, more powerful processors have been updated, the era of large storage has become a mainstream market demand. However, there are still a lot of people's mobile phones, is always insufficient storage space, so in the case of hardware constraints, how can we increase our storage space? How about better memory maintenance? Let me help you release your phone today.

Xiaomi mi phone

1. Garbage cleaning

Step: security center - garbage cleaning

This is the easiest and most direct method we use most often. Use cheetah / Tencent scanning engine, cleaning up more efficient.

2. Clear data

Step: setup -- more applications -- XXX (the application to clean up) -- clear the data

This action returns the application to the state it was installed for the first time, without any program personal data or cached data, just the size of the program itself. This is often the most thorough way to clean up excess memory, not under reinstallation.

3. Uninstall programs that are not commonly used

Step: long press the icon and drag the program to the table

We always have some uncommonly used programs on our mobile phones. It is better to delete them than to keep them.

4. Cloud services

Step: my millet -- cloud service

The cloud service can timely backup our video, photos and other important and often generated data to the cloud in a timely manner, so that we can safely delete some photos locally in this event.

5. Smart photo slimming

Step: setup -- system application -- album -- smart photo slimming

WiFi photo album will automatically backup and slim down photos (keep thumbnails, upload the original picture), saving 90% of space for your phone.

6. Organize documents

Step: file manager - browse by category

Our mobile phones often accept some documents, take some bad pictures, often do not look at video, some inexplicable compression package and other documents, develop a good habit of regular sorting, you can make a lot of space.

7. Wire brush mobile phone

Step: Mi flash or Xiaomi assistant

At present, there are still some users of Redmi series mobile phones, Mi 2s and Mi 3. Due to system reasons, their mobile phone storage is divided into different areas, and the system storage and mobile phone storage have not been combined. The problem can be solved by wire brushing.

8. Restore factory Settings

Step: setup -- more setup -- backup and reset -- restore factory Settings

This is the last thing you need, and it's also the most thorough way to clean up your phone's memory.


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