How to maintain your swimming goggles?

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Swim goggles should be a standard part of any swimmer’s gear. Finding the perfect pair of goggles can take some trail and error though, you should often find a moment to take care of your swimming goggles regularly. Maintaining your goggles doesn’t take much time or effort, but can prolong the service life of this piece of equipment that is essential to swimming. Here are some tips on how to care of your goggles.

1. After swimming, make sure to rinse your goggles in cold fresh water. Rinsing off the chlorine and pool chemicals will help prolong the lifespan.

goggles protect eyes in water

2. Lay them out flat to dry in a cool place. Try to let therm dry completely before placing them back in your goggles box. The leftover water residue in the goggles might cause or to grow, which can damage the goggles and your eyes.

wear goggles while swimming

3. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or hot water as this may cause the rubber to melt or screen to crack, or even affect the anti-fog performance of the goggles.

anti-fog performance of goggles

4. When rinsing the goggles, never use alcohol-based solutions, they may corrode the lenses, and greatly reduce the anti-fog function.

5. When the surface of the lenses has grime, choose a neutral detergent to clean them. Or use some anti-fog sprays and de-fogging solutions that will help to keep the lenses clear for your next swim.

6. Gasket, nose piece and head strap in goggles are made of silicone or plastic, which need to be kept away from high temperature.


7. When wiping the lenses, try not to rub them directly so as not to damage the anti-fog film. If your goggles do become foggy, simply spray one or two squirts in your goggles before you hop in the pool. Some swimmers even use their tongue to clean the lenses, which can keep the lenses clearer for longer.

8. Of course storing your goggles in their protective case prevents scratches, exposure to the sun or to damaging factors.


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