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How to make a fidget spinner with Lego?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-30 1907

When it comes to anti-anxiety toys, you have to mention the fingertip gyroscope. This tool, originally used to solve disorders for children with ADHD or autism, began to be popular in North America in early 2016 and has now become a toy that has set off a worldwide craze for children's dazzling skills! It is popular in INS, and the total number of video clicks in YOUTUBE is more than 100 million.

You can't describe that feeling, as if it could spin you up into the sky. Twisting Buddha beads, tray walnuts, turning pens. They said they met their opponents.

Aidan, 13, spent weeks designing a fingertip gyro with Lego bricks. Of course, true fingertip gyroscopes can rotate longer. But when children design and build their own ideas, in the process, can they find the best way to distribute weight and reduce friction between moving parts?

 fingertip gyro with Lego bricks

Here are all the parts you need:

First, a 4 x 4 circular plate is placed at the top and bottom of the 6 x 6 circular plates. A 2 x 2 round tile with holes (smooth surface) is arranged on the shaft.

all the parts 

The shaft with the round tile is combined through the 6 x 6 and 4 x 4 round plates.

A 2 x 2 circular plate with holes is sheathed on the top of the shaft. You need to set aside some space so that the rotator can rotate freely.

first step   

Then we find that if we add some equipment, our rotator will rotate longer, and the extra weight seems to give the rotator more power.

Place a 2 x 3 brick under the disc, and then add a 2 x 2 brick and another 2 x 3 brick.

second step 

Finally, add all four gears and your fingertip gyroscope is complete!

Add all four gears 

Now try to spin your fingertip gyroscope!

spin your fingertip gyroscope! 


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