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How to make Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 enable facial control?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-10 3746

In the era of full-screen mobile phones, human-computer interaction has changed from physical keys to gestures and voice commands, but is that all? Here to share with you a small tool "Eva face mouse", through the face movement control virtual mouse operation mobile phone, "Eva face mouse" is also equipped with a dedicated input method, welcome to the user who likes to try something new to experience!

Eva face mouse

B tool initial Settings

To make the "Eva face mouse" work perfectly, we first need to turn on barrier-free assistance, open the system to set >, and select barrier-free > to turn on the "Eva face mouse" service.


Secondly, it is necessary to open the permission of display suspension window and camera, open the security center permission management > application permission > to find the permission of display suspension window and camera > and check "Eva face mouse".


Finally, to prevent the tool from being cleaned by the system, after entering the multi-task interface, long press "Eva face mouse" and then lock it.


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Function setting wizard

"Eva face mouse" is a mouse pointer movement simulator, through the front camera recognition head movement to control the mouse simulation operation; Software has a functional wizard for the first time, be sure to read it carefully.


Finally, the horizontal speed, vertical speed, hover button position and other parameters of the "Eva face mouse" can be set according to personal habits.

Experience sharing

If you don't know much about Eva's face mouse, click the configuration wizard in Settings and the next time you launch the software, the software will do the configuration again.


The optimal distance between mobile phone and face is 30cm-50cm; Slide Xiaomi Mi MiX 3 to open the front camera; when the head moves, do not move quickly. When the head does not move, the mobile phone can also move the position to control the mouse position. There is a small window on the top which is specially used to display whether there is a face at present.


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