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How to make your smartphone been a remote controller?

BySteve Lowry 2018-07-24 3679

The weather is so hot, where is the air conditioner remote controller? You may take a few minutes to find a remote cotroller to watch TV, adjust the temperature of the room. If your phone is a remote controller, that must be very cool. Let's talk about infrared function.
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Infrared Function:

Infrared refers to the electromagnetic radiation, which wavelengths are excess of red visible light. The pocket PC can transfer the information with desktop or other related devices via infrared. Mobile infrared can control the TV, air conditioner, or others phone if both devices have infrared.


infrared function of phone



Other application:

Turn on the infrared function when you use, close to the infrared port of the computer, and then it will search the signal automatically. If success, it will show up the logo of infrared connect on the system tray. At that time, you can upload the files to a smartphone (the format should be supported by your phone). At present, it is mainly used in short-distance point-to-point linear data transmission and it is fast.


Cons of transfer files in infrared function:

Large power consumption to transfer files, even larger than Bluetooth for a phone. And it will affect the battery life if long time using. Also, it requires short-distance(about 1 meter), no barrier and to align the direction.


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Phone without infrared function

If your phone doesn't come with infrared function, you just need a universal wireless IR remote controller to realize it. There are type-c port, 3.5 mm headphone port. It is small but powerful, compatible with Android smartphone and iPhone. You won’t worry about where is the remote control, also it will save batteries, protect the environment.


Universal Wireless IR Remote Controller


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