How to migrate the system in SSD

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I believe many people feel that the longer the mechanical hard drive is used, the slower the system will be, so it is imperative to upgrade to solid-state hard drive. However, to upgrade the hard drive, it is not so easy, after all, so much system software has been installed, and it is too troublesome to reinstall one by one, so sometimes this update will be deterred for fear of trouble. Now, use SSD480G to teach you a new skill-- how to migrate the system without reinstalling the system.

Benefits of installing the system in SSD  

Before we talk about what to do, let's talk about why, why do we upgrade solid state drives, and why we install the system on solid state drives:

1, the original traditional mechanical hard drive, vulnerable to damage and easy to lose data. Yingtai's G300SSD is better for these anti-XD, temperature change resistance, fall resistance and shock resistance, data is not easy to lose, generally there will not be disk problems.

2, the access speed is fast, and the access speed of the traditional mechanical hard disk is generally about 40-50M/S. The access speed of an ordinary solid state disk can reach 160M/S-200M/S.

3, when the operating system starts, you need to read the data from the system disk, and then start the computer. In this time of reading data, the speed is limited, if the solid state disk is used as the system disk, the access speed is much faster, so the boot speed is faster.

Preparation: plug the SSD into the computer

In order to make it easier for people with pictures and truths to teach you how to do system migration, we will demonstrate it by plugging in 480g on the platform of daily tests. Like this long-running platform, the system has been installed with a variety of test software and game software, as well as the use of software, it can be said that there is a lot of data. If you do it the old-fashioned way: reinstall the system-- > reinstall the software-- > download the game port and reinstall it, it will take the engineer almost a whole day, and someone will need to keep an eye on it all the time.

Computer configuration:

So how do you migrate the system to an installed solid state drive? Our usual practice is to install the system directly to the solid state drive, but after doing so, we need to reinstall a lot of programs for the system. In order to avoid the trouble of reinstalling the system and save the time it takes to reinstall the system, you need to be able to use the system migration tool.

1, download Partition Assistant, open the home page. Select migrate system to solid State disk. Click "next" when the following dialog box appears.

2, select "unallocated space" on your solid state drive and click "next":

3. In this window, you can modify the relevant information (including size, location, and drive letter), usually leaving it at the default setting. After setting it up according to your preferences, click "next".

4, after reading the "boot operating system" notes, click "finish" to return to the main interface:

5, to the partition assistant main interface: you can see the "actions waiting to be performed" column, you can change and save your actions. Click "submit" in the upper left corner of the main interface, and complete your SSD system migration according to the prompts from the partition assistant.

6, what happens after the migration: when you use the partition assistant to migrate the system to SSD, your computer will automatically restart again. After the migration, you need to set the boot order of the computer: boot the system from the SSD hard disk. Generally, Yingtai's motherboard is just when the boot screen lights up, press F9 and choose the boot device. Now Yingtai's BIOS is already in Chinese, so it is very easy to operate according to the content displayed on the page.

How much time does it take?

Finally, the original mechanical hard disk more than 200 gigabytes of data, only 15 minutes to migrate the system, is not very fast, compared with the previous reinstallation, download, is not more than a little bit faster? All right, that's all for this one.

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