How to pair 37 Degree L18 with phone via Bluetooth

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Bothering to pair 37 Degree L18 smart wristband with the phone via Bluetooth? Here we are going to resolve connecting issue. Let's start!

The 37 degree bracelet mobile app allows you to monitor and accumulated to generate your daily, weekly, and monthly health reports. Your heart and breath rate, blood pressure trends, sleep quality, sports activity, and even mood / fatigue statues are recorded from your 37 Degree L18 smartwatch to your smartphone. It helps you understand health trends based on historical data and analysis.

37 Degree L18 smartwatch


To pair your phone with 37 Degree L18 bracelet, follow these steps:

Step 1. Search "37 bracelet" and download from App Store / Google Play Store. Or scan the QR code at the bottom of the box to get the application.

download 37 Degree Bracelet app

Step 2. Make sure that your 37 Degree L18 smart wristband and phone are close to each other (less than 5 meters).

keep 37 Degree L18 smart wristband and phone close

Step 3. Start the 37° bracelet mobile app on your phone.

launch 37° bracelet app

Step 4. For the first binding or re-install / upgrade the app, the L18 smart wristband must be operated in connecting the USB cable to charge state. And it may take 1 - 2 minutes at the first pairing. But it will need a few seconds in next connection.

USB cable for 37 degree L18 smart wristband

Step 5. Follow the prompts to search bracelet, when flashing Bracelet Lamper to complete binding. Your L18 smartwatch and your phone are now paired.

charge L18 smart wristband

Step 6. To register, you can use a phone number or an email. Fill your phone number / email, get the verification code and enter it to register an account. Or just login if you already have an account.

register L18 smart wristband app

Step 7. Fill your profile: personal information, bracelet setting, sync data or not, adding social network. There is also a user guide to help you get know more about your bracelet and app.

Fill your profile

Besides, you can upgrade in "About 37° Bracelet - Check for updates" to get a more prefer application. If you are upgrading your device version, then you usually have to re-pair your watch.

Check for updates

As long as you have worn the smartwatch, the app will automatically try to connect and record your activity to upload. Know better your health condition, live better life with 37 Degree L18 smart wristband.

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