How to pair Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro with your mobile phone?

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After the debut of Apple AirPods White headphones again in vogue, Xiaomi which is well-known for making replicas, could not stand aside and showed the full capability to show the best. With the introduction of the smartphones under Mi brand, the brand has already established a well-position in the smartphones market. Along with the smartphones, Xiaomi’s accessories have also gained extensive positive reviews in the market.

So, by continuing at this path Xiaomi has Launched the Wireless Earbuds as the perfect alternative to the Expensive Apple AirPods. Company is getting huge response after launching this amazing accessory, named Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro earphones.

This device has come with so many amazing features. Along with the amazing sound quality, the Mi Airdots pro has a build-in 40mAh Li-ion battery that lets you listen your favorite music up to 10 hours after charging. They have a wonderful quality of ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) which can compensate for outside noise so that you cannot hear the outside voice. It lets you concentrate fully on the music or anything else while the outside noise is barely noticeable. The Mi Airdots pro is highly water resistant with the class IPX4 so that it can be protected from the sweat and rain. The headphones come up with amazing touch commands on its surface.

How to Pair Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro with phone?

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro build on the version Bluetooth 4.2 version. Overall, Mi AirDots Pro works same as other Bluetooth devices, but there is small change to note. These are:

● The headphones must be in the charging box for the connection. Also, you have to hold the function button for 2 seconds from the charging box to make the AirDots Pro in pairing mode (the indicator of charging box will blink). Now you can turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and search "Mi True Wireless Earphones" to pair it, if need pairing code, please enter "0000".

● Also, after the first pairing of the headphone, it’s automatically connected to the device when opening from the charging case. If you want to connect it with some other device, then you need to disconnect it from the existing device and then you can connect to the other device.

● Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro automatically gets disconnected when taken off of the ear or even remain on standby for 30 minutes and more.

How to clean the Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro connection history?

● Put the airdots pro back to the charging box;

● Long press the charging box function button for 10S or above until the indicator light keeps on;

● Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro will restart and the connection record has been cleaned, it enter the pairing mode again.

Some other Advantages of using Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro:

Being a wireless device, it provides the benefit of using both the left and right earbuds independently. The true wireless design of both the earplugs bring a smooth and wonderful music listening.

If the user removes any of the earbud from the ear, the second one will work in unilateral mode. Thus, the two headsets can also be shared between two friends without the loss of audio quality.

The Xiaomi always provides the quality products at the affordable prices. The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro is considered as one of the best wireless earphones currently in the market. It has advanced technological features along with smooth functionality. So, if you want to have a wireless headphone of great quality, I would recommend this Airdots Pro to you.


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