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How to protect your cell phone number and why you should care?

ByHenry Wang 2019-01-07 13462

In the modern world, nearly everyone has a phone number to make their life easy. However, many of them don’t realize the importance of their phone numbers. So in this passage, I’d like to tell you why you should care your phone number and how to protect it.

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Why should you care your phone number?

As mobile phone numbers may leak your information. If others get our mobile phone number, they can directly search it to obtain more infromation If you have previously posted your mobile phone number online, or what you have sold in a second-hand platform forum, this information can also be easily accessed.


Phone number hackers


Also, hackers can save your cell phone number in the address book, then download various social software, add you as a friend through the address book. For example, add your tweets to your address book so that they can get more information of you.

How to protect your cell phone number?

Here are 7 tips to protect your cell phone number from hacking:


Protect your mobile phone number

1. Note the risks of online registration

Many phone calls are harassed because you may accidentally leak your number when registering a website, especially some shopping sites. Any link may leak information, so don't use mobile phone number to register unknown websites. It is recommended to register directly with user name.

2. Don't leave your cell phone number casually

Whether in the different street questionnaires or in the comments and replies on the internet, do not leave your cell phone number easily. If the street questionnaires are difficult for you to refuse, it is suggested to leave a wrong cell phone number.

3. Be more careful with bank payments

When applying for a bank card, you’d better confirm that the number you reserved in the bank is your own phone number.

4. Separate the work number and the life number

It's a little more troublesome, but it's much safer. We live in an era of almost no "privacy". It is almost impossible to stop privacy disclosure. What we can do is to reduce the risk of privacy disclosure, pay attention to various scenarios of cell phone number leakage in our daily life, and leave our phone number only when necessary. In addition, we should pay more attention to bank payment.

5. Old phones have risks too

When we sell old phones, we format them, but in fact, deleting data can be restored by some technology. Some people used to sell old cell phones to cell phone vendors after deleting data. Unexpectedly, the illegal elements used technical means to recover the information of cell phones. They transferred a lot of money from his bank through bank verification messages of cell phones and short messages of relatives and friends. So you should think carefully how to deal with these phones.

6. Install cell phone security software

It is necessary to install security software on cell phones. When a phone receives a harassment call, it will display on the screen that the number has been marked by tens of thousands of people "harassment phone", "advertising promotion" and so on. It can also add such harassment phone to the blacklist so that it can no longer continue to harass.

7. The parcel slip on the package must be torn off

Usually when we receive express delivery, we throw away the package and ignore the personal information on the package, which is also a way of leaking the phone number. In addition to recording your name, phone number and address, the bad person will guess the income of the owner of the express package according to the item name on the package, which may cause a lot of trouble. So before you throw away the express package, you must tear up or smear your personal information on it.

8. Major carriers tips to protect mobile phone number

Adding a secondary security code to cell phone account is the main protection method, you can refer to the posts below:

AT&T: How to add or remove extra security from your account?

Sprint: How to add an account PIN for greater security?

T-Mobile: How to set up a customer passcode?

Verizon: How to add a PIN to your account?




Finally, I want to remind everyone that no matter what the situation, you can't fill in the mobile phone number easily. After all, there are too many things bound to the mobile phone number. We are in an era of no privacy. To avoid these privacy leaks, just guard your mobile phone number.


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