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How to Repair Garden Hose End / Leak / Hole or Garden Hose Connector?

ByCheryl Evans 2020-04-27 653

It is very suitable to irrigate your garden every spring and summer to make your yard look neat and beautiful. At this point, a good garden hose is essential, hydrating your lawn, rinsing debris from your deck, and just about every exterior task requiring water. However, a bent, torn, or otherwise leaky hose wastes water and makes outdoor chores more difficult. Plus, you often only discover there's a problem after you've started a job when running out to buy a new garden hose is darned inconvenient. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to extend its life by repairing a garden hose with the useful DIY fixes we've assembled here. Just read on to learn how to repair the broken garden hose.

When you find that your garden hose has gone bad, please check to see if where you found the problem is the only place. If there were a leaky place near the hose end or middle part, and the rest of the garden hose was still good. You can use the tips below to fix it. If there are several bad places along the entire length of the garden hose, then maybe it is time to get a new hose.

There have top 4 easy tricks to repair your leaky garden hose.


First: Repair your small pinholes hose with electrical tape

The small pinholes often due to puncture by a nail or other sharp object, which are often only visible to the eye when you connect the water and spot small, geyser-like spurts of water from the punctured section of the hose. Such small leaks can direct water away from the lawn or plants you're aiming for.


Electrical tape, usually made of a PVC backing and a rubber-based adhesive, has the elasticity, insulation, and weather resistance needed to effectively plug these holes, but you may eventually need a hose mender if leaks persist.


Step 1: Turn off the water and disconnect the hose.

Step 2: Wipe it dry with a rag.

Step 3: Mark the punctured section with a marker, then wrap electrical tape around the marked section, overlapping a few times to ensure good adherence. Take care not to wrap so tightly that the hose creases, as this might impede water flow.

Step 4: Reconnect the garden hose to the spigot or a spray nozzle and turn on the water to verify that you've solved the problem.


Second: Repair your large tears hose with a hose mender or hose connector

Larger tears in a hose often result from snagging on a tree or bush, cracking with exposure to extreme heat or cold, or chewing by a naughty pet. Water will gush from such tears when you turn on the tap, but a hose mendera short plastic or metal tube that replaces the damaged section can fix it up.


Step 1: Turn off the water and disconnect the hose.

Step 2: Wipe it dry with a rag.

Step 3: Mark the hole section, then cut it down with a knife.

Step 4: After you have cut the hose, you can put the hose clamp on the good part of the hose.

Step 5: Then, insert the new male end into the hose. You should be able to push the new end into the hose by hand. Once it is all the way in, secure with the hose clamp. The new end should stay in place without the clamp. At least until you put pressure behind it. If the new end falls out, you have the wrong size piece or your hose is worse off than you thought.

NOTE: If the caliber of the hose is a little smaller, you can immerse the hose end in hot water for about 20 seconds and then take it out and install it.


Step 6: You are now done with the repair. The hose should be ready for use.



Third: Fix a leaky coupling with a new garden hose gasket

One of the peskiest garden hose problems is a leak in the coupling: the metal or plastic fitting found on both ends of a hose used to connect the hose to the spigot, a nozzle, or a sprinkler. If you spot a steady drip coming from the hose couplings when you connect it to a source, the gasket may need to be replaced. Gaskets naturally wear with time and water exposure, so plan to switch out your hose gaskets every three to 10 years.


Step 1: Turn off the water, disconnect the leaky hose end, and use needle-nose pliers to pull out the existing gasket inside the coupling on that hose end.

Step 2: Use your fingers to push the new gasket inside the hose coupling. Generally, the thicker O-ring gaskets, the more watertight the seal, flat gaskets don’t mold to the contours of the coupling quite as well.

Step 3: Reconnect the garden hose to a spigot or nozzle and turn on the water to ensure the coupling no longer leaks.


Fourth: Replace a bent coupling with a new hose coupling

If the coupling on either end of the garden hose continues to leak after a gasket replacement, the coupling may have gotten physically misshapen by a run-in with a lawnmower or other piece of heavy equipment. A bent coupling loses the watertight seal between the hose and a spigot, nozzle, or sprinkler, causing a leak.


Replacing a bent coupling with a new one that suits your needs will provide a permanent solution for the leak. There are two types of couplings: female connects to the spigot and male connects to a nozzle or sprinkler. Please be sure to choose a coupling with the same diameter as that of your hose (e.g., 5/8-inch coupling for a 5/8-inch-diameter hose). Both the coupling type and diameter will be stated on the packaging.


Step 1: Turn off the water, disconnect the hose, and remove the entire bent coupling with a hose cutter.

Step 2: Push the exposed end of the hose into the connector of the coupling, and then twist the collar of the coupling clockwise to tighten it.

Step 3: Connect the hose to a spigot or nozzle and turn on the water to ensure the coupling doesn’t leak.


Here are four very simple and effective solutions to fix garden hose leaks or bends, hope it is helpful for you!


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