How to replace Logitech G500 mouse fretting replacement?

ByFredi Hanlon 2019-12-28 3240

Logitech G500 game mouse, which was launched in 2009, was once called the king of performance-to-price ratio. Equipped with iconic dual-mode roller and Anhua high 9500 laser engine, gave Logitech G500 less than the top performance of Logitech's flagship G9X at that time, making the Logitech G500 the preferred game mouse for countless players for a long time.

Double-click is an unavoidable failure of all game mice (non-game mice rarely have double-click problems because of the high signal delay). During the warranty period, we can enjoy free repair / replacement services provided by manufacturers. However, after the warranty period, most manufacturers do not provide paid maintenance services, even if the price of paid services can exceed the psychological expectations of most players (asked a brand before, Replace a fretting piece for 50 yuan after being insured.

Recently, some netizens have brought a G500 game mouse, all the functions of the whole mouse are normal, only the left button has a double-click problem, and it took nearly 6 years to have a double-click problem. The design of double-layer circuit board brings great difficulty for fretting replacement. 

  1. In order to avoid the problem of mouse foot pad warping, it is necessary to use a hair dryer to heat the foot pad during disassembly, and when the surface of the mouse pad is hot, use a small card to lift the mouse pad at a low angle as far as possible. the whole process as far as possible to maintain the smoothness of the pad, to avoid excessive deformation caused by the maintenance of the warped deformation can not stick to the problem.
  2. After uncovering the mat before and after the mouse, you can see that there are a total of four screws hidden under the three mats, which can be unloaded using a cross screw. What you need to pay attention to is that under the cross opening on the bottom of the mouse label, there is also a hidden screw. Be sure to remember to remove this screw to open the mouse.
  3. Remove the fixed screws at the bottom of the mouse, you can open the Logitech G500 game mouse, most high-end games between the mouse cover and the motherboard, there are wires or wires for connection, so you must be careful when removing the cover so as not to break the cable.
  4. Unexpectedly, in front of the Logitech G500 mouse side button circuit board and the motherboard, there is not only a soft cable, but also a linear color flying wire, both ends of which are directly welded to the side key circuit board and the motherboard. After looking through a material carefully, I found that there was indeed a red flying line in the first batch of G500 game mice, which was cancelled only in the later version. It should be that there were defects in the initial internal circuit board design and had to make up for it through flying lines. Otherwise, Logitech's stringent requirements on products will never be designed in the mouse with such a long flying line. To remove the mouse, first start from the place where it is easy to disassemble, first fold down the three fixed screws on the red counterweight bin, and then you can remove the counterweight bin fixing frame.
  5. Taking into account the difficulty of installation, we choose to disconnect the soft cable from one end of the side key circuit board, the method of disconnecting the flexible cable is very simple, use a slightly sharp tool, directly pick the white fixed part of the cable fixed card buckle. In fact, the disassembly of the flying line is not too troublesome, the electric soldering iron is heated to 350 ℃, and the solder can be melted and the flying line can be removed with one click.
  6. Peripheral enthusiasts often praise the mouse with complicated and exquisite workmanship. Although such a mouse looks pleasing to the eye, it is definitely a nightmare in maintenance and disassembly. You have to be careful when every part is removed. If you don't pay attention, you can lose small parts.
  7. First use the tool or nail to tick out the horizontal bolt behind the mouse wheel, and then you can remove the wheel from the mouse. Then use the small cross screwdriver to remove the metal holder in front of the roller, and remember to collect the two tiny metal springs under the roller before removing it so as not to lose it. Be sure to pay attention to the metal fixed frame below, there is an acrylic fixed block between the upper and lower circuit boards, first remember his installation method, so as not to mess up the installation.
  8. Logitech G500 game mouse motherboard is fixed on the chassis with four screws, two are designed on the lower mouse circuit board, and the other two are hidden inside the bracket behind the mouse wheel. This link needs to pay attention to two things, one is the lower circuit board fixed screw size is small, the need to replace the small cone to avoid spoiling screws. Second, Logitech G500 game mouse circuit board and chassis assembly gap is very small, take out the circuit board as far as possible to evenly force the entire motherboard, in order to avoid the motherboard tilt stuck.
  9. The reason why the mouse fretting replacement in Logitech G500 games is a headache is mainly due to the fact that the double-layer circuit board it uses is not a removable design. The upper and lower circuit boards are directly welded by pin connection, and the fretting switch pins are covered by the lower circuit board. If the fretting is replaced directly without disassembling the lower circuit board, the operation is relatively difficult, and it is prone to virtual welding, short circuit and other problems. Removing the pin requires the use of a hot air gun, most players do not have this relatively professional tool, can you just use the electric iron to disassemble the upper and lower two layers of circuit boards?
  10. Yes! After a large amount of solder is melted and piled on the connection pins, the 12 pins can be heated at the same time. After all the solder is melted and covered with 12 pins, the upper circuit board can be removed by pulling down the upper circuit board with pliers or directly by hand. When unplugging the circuit board, pay attention to keep the circuit board as horizontal as possible to prevent solder from flowing to other solder joints or dripping onto your hands.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages, the consequence of tin disassembly is that there will be a lot of excess solder left on the pad, and directly plug the solder hole, so it must be cleaned with a tin absorber. Use the smallest soldering iron tip to heat the pads one by one. Due to the relatively large diameter of the pin welding hole in the Logitech G500 game mouse, it is easy to clean with a tin absorber.

After cleaning the remaining tin on the pin pad, you can start to change the fretting. Unexpectedly, the Logitech G500 does not use the small diameter through-hole pad that is common on Logitech games mouse, but uses the traditional one-sided large pad. The diameter of the solder hole is also relatively large, so it is easy to clean up the solder on the fretting pin by using a tin aspirator, and then you can directly remove the fretting by hand.

Logitech G500 game mouse standard Omron D2FC-F-7N (10m) white point fretting although feel good, but the durability, performance is really not satisfactory, for fresh and price considerations, netizens bought the electrical life of 20 million Kaihua brown spot fretting to replace.

Fretting installation is actually very simple, as long as the fretting is inserted into the welding hole, and then soldered to death on the back of the motherboard. In addition, remember that when installing fretting, you must pay attention to the direction of the fretting contact marked on the circuit board, otherwise you will find that the fretting is reversed after soldering, and you will have to remove it and reinstall it.

When welding fretting, use a finger to press the fretting switch on the motherboard, be sure to avoid the gap between the fretting and the motherboard, if there is a gap will have a serious impact on the feel of the mouse button. The welding wire should be put on as little as possible. If there is not enough tin at one time, the tin can be replenished again. If there is too much tin, you can use a tin absorber to absorb it. In order to avoid false welding, the soldering iron can stay slightly on the pad to ensure that all the solder on the pad turns into liquid and then lift the soldering iron. In addition, the last pin of the fretting does not need to be fixed with tin, so that one less solder joint can be removed the next time the fretting is changed.

After the fretting replacement, we need to put the mouse back as it is. First of all, it is necessary to connect the upper and lower circuit boards together, aim the connection pin at the welding hole on the lower circuit board, and press hard to ensure that there is no gap between the pin holder and the circuit board (the above picture is during installation, so there is still a certain gap). If there is a residual tin on the pin so that it cannot be inserted, you can use a knife to scrape off the remaining tin and insert it.

After the upper and lower circuit boards are assembled, 12 pins need to be fixed with tin. This is really a very tricky job without using a hot air gun. We need to put a little tin on each pin first, because of all the remaining tin on the pad, so it's really a little bit. After each pin is hung with tin, the solder is fully melted with electric welding iron to avoid virtual welding. If too much tin leads to the connection of two pin solder joints, you can use a tin absorber to remove the tin and re-apply the tin.

After welding, be sure to carefully check whether the solder joints adhere to each other, and whether the solder is on the pins of other components. If so, you must use a tin absorber to clean it up in time to avoid short circuit after the mouse is installed and electrified.

After the connection pins are welded, Logitech G500 game mouse installation is basically half complete, we just need to install the mouse in reverse order, and pay attention to not many things after installation.

Oh, I almost forgot. When installing, we must pay attention to the transparent acrylic board under the roller, which bears the downward force of the roller and the user when using the wheel. Don't forget to install it, otherwise it will affect the feel of use and the life of the mouse. During installation, the lower mouse circuit board is first placed into the chassis, and then the fixed board is aligned and positioned and inserted between the upper and lower circuit boards.

After the fixing plate is installed, install the bracket in front of the roller again, pay attention not to lose the two small springs that help the roller rebound, then install the circuit board fixing screw and the rear support of the roller, and finally install the support of the counterweight bin.

Then insert the soft cable of the side key circuit board into the side key circuit board buckle, move slightly back and forth when inserting, to ensure that it must be inserted in a vertical direction, and then close the card. Finally, we have to weld the side button of the old Logitech G500 game mouse back, this is not on the tin, just use the iron spot, after melting the tin on the solder joint, just insert the wire into the tin. When welding, look at the above picture, do not connect the wrong pin, it is the first pin on the lower left in the above picture.

Close the upper cover and chassis, install the screws, paste the foot pad, and the whole mouse maintenance is completed. Oh, by the way, when pasting the pad, be sure to heat the pad so that the double-sided glue at the bottom can be fully melted and the pad can be restored to flexibility so that the pad can be kept flat when it is affixed to the bottom of the mouse.

Finally, I would like to say to you that the replacement of fretting is actually very simple, as long as you are careful enough, and have a certain hands-on ability and simple tools, you can bring the mouse that has been double-clicked back to life.

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