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How to replace the refill of pressure sensitive pen ?

ByNiki Jones 2018-10-13 6151

Digital tablet and digital screen are the necessary hand-painting tools for digital painting designers. However, the pen of digital tablet will inevitably lead to wear after long-time painting, then the refill of pressure sensitive pen generally wear to what extent will need to replace? How to replace?

the design of pressure sensitive pen 

What are the factors that affect the wear of the pressure sensitive pen?

1.The higher the pressure sensitive coefficient of the pressure sensitive pen  is set, the more the strength of the pen is increased, and the faster the refill is worn.

2.The surface roughness caused by accumulated dust on the surface of a digital tablet or screen, resulting in fast wear of the refill.

When should I replace the refill of pressure sensitive pen?

When the refill is worn to the position shown below, the refill must be replaced to avoid damaging the pen body.

the worn position of the refill of pressure sensitive pen 

How to replace the refill of pressure sensitive pen?

● Unscrew the pen holder and removing a new refill and pen ring from the pen holder

● Clamp the worn refill with a pen ring

●​ Replace the new refill with your hand

Note: After the new refill is replaced, you need to gently press it with your thumb to avoid different lines during the painting process.


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