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How to replace your PC’s CPU fan?

ByGB Blog Official 2016-11-10 1543

The CPU fan is located in such a way that you could accidentally touch other parts, and this could cause serious problems.

Therefore, it is important to wear rubber gloves and avoid standing on a carpet, which could cause static electricity to transfer from you to the computer, thus frying it. It might also help to touch something metallic before proceeding, to ground you. Follow the steps below to replace your PC's CPU fan.

how to replace PC cooling fan

Step 1: Determine if your CPU fan is installed on the backplate. If not, proceed to Step 7.

Step 2: If the CPU is installed on the backplate, you will need to remove the graphics card by pulling on a plastic level. If there is no level, it might be plugged in with pins.

Step 3: Find the screws that attach your motherboard to the PC case. Loosen all of them the same amount until they can be removed. To prevent scratching and other problems, loosen all of the screws and then lift out the entire unit.

Step 4: Unplug all the cables that will interfere with the removal of the fan. You will need to remember how they came apart so they can be reconnected properly.

Step 5: Remove all the screws from the motherboard (there could be up to nine) and place them in the small container so they do not get lost.

Step 6: Lift the motherboard out of the case. Be extremely careful. This is why you should be wearing rubber gloves and not be on carpet. If you have not removed every cable from the motherboard, lift it until it gets caught on the cables connected to it. Place it on top of the tower. However, if you are unsure of leaving it in such a precarious position, you can remove all cables. Just remember how to put them all back on the motherboard.

Step 7: Find the small cable that extends from the fan to the motherboard. This should be a four-pin cable with multiple color small cables extending from a white covering. Pull this off very gently.

Step 8: Remove the fan; there may be a small lever to press.

Step 9: Put in the new fan and replace the motherboard by repeating the above steps in reverse (from 8 to 1).

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