How to rescue damaged mobile phone data cables?

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The mobile phone data cable is very fragile, and the original mobile phone data cable is very expensive. This article describes four ways to fix the phone data cable, let's take a look.

I believe that your data cables often look like the following two:

The last insulating sheet has been relaxed.

End insulator has blossomed

As long as the internal insulation is not cracked, the transmission is stable and the contact is good, it can be repaired, especially some power adapters that cannot be changed, such as Xiaomi notebook, Macbook, etc.

1. Data cable protection sheath

The first UGREEN data cable protection case appears to be different from the data cable repair under other "omnipotent" attributes. The purpose of this product is to protect the data cable. Since it's so "professional", you should be the first one.

UGREEN data cable protection case

 You can see that the data cable protective sleeve is small and cute, just like adding a shielding ring to the data cable, the effect is very intuitive. This flowering data cable has been repaired by the protective sleeve, at least in terms of visual effect, it is quite good.

repairing before and after effects with the  data cable protection case 

The types of data cables that are applicable to the data cable protection sleeve:

Perfect match: the original data cable for the iPhone, lightning or 30 pins

Imperfect but available: the end of the joint is not too thick, such as millet TYPE-C two-in-one data cable, part of TYPE-C data cable.

Mismatch: The tail is too thick, or the wire as a whole is thicker than the lightning tail (this kind of stuck in at all).

types of data cables 

2.Heat-shrinkable tube suit

It should be noted here that the shrinkable tube sets can be purchased on demand in two sizes, Apple and Android, due to different joint sizes.

Heat-shrinkable tube suit 

Since I purchased an Apple-sized heat-shrinkable tube, the Android data cable was not tested, but the results can be referred to the Apple data cable.

It is important to note that the Apple 30-pin data cable cannot be repaired with heat-shrinkable tube because of the size of the joint. The bend-insert headphone line can only be inserted with a very thick tube because of the too large bend angle. However, the wire itself is too thin, the heat-shrinkable pipe has a certain shrinkage rate, even if the too thick tube is burned, it cannot shrink to that fine.

Apple 30-pin data cable c 

We recommend that you buy transparent materials. Although there is a certain probability of yellowing, transparent materials as a whole are thicker and feel more durable.

transparent materials 

After putting the heat-shrinkable tube on, take out the tool of baking the heat-shrinkable tube: candle. Of course, as long as everything hot enough can be baked shrinkable tube, the common hot air gun, open fire, electric soldering iron and so on. For most people, candles should be the best control. Blowers require high power and are easy to damage when blown in one place.

the tool of baking the heat-shrinkable tube 

Heat-shrinkable tube, as its name implies, is a material that shrinks when heated. It rotates quickly outside the flame to make it both shrink and shrink.

It is suggested that the heat shrinkable tube be slightly more set out so that it can be fixed more firmly.

Let's see the effect of repairing the heat shrinkable pipe. The package is quite compact and relatively soft. Black and white or transparent colours are not very big for the appearance.

the effect of repairing the heat shrinkable pipe 

Shrinkage tube will harden slightly, but the whole is still tough. There will be no direct unprotected data cable protective sleeve. The heat shrinkage tube can play the role of joint tail protective sleeve to a certain extent.

3. Silicone repair mud

The advantage of silicone repair mud is that there is no restriction on data cable modeling, where the damage can be repaired.

silicone repair mud i

Of course the lines are fine.

But when it comes to braiding, problems arise. The silicone repair mud cannot repair the braided yarn because the braided yarn has no ability to absorb clay at all, which results in the tail end not shrinking and the larger the kneading, so the silicone repair mud cannot repair the braided yarn.

the braided yarn 

4. Push-and-move neutral pen

Who doesn't have an abandoned push-and-move neutral pen at home or in the office? This spring should be the one we played since we were little.

Push-and-move neutral pen 

Just spin the spring into it, but don't buckle, just get in from the lowest end.

spin the spring into data cables 

This kind of protection can prolong the service life of data cables that have not been broken, but I will teach you how to use the most primitive method which will certainly be disliked by you. Let's see how to use the advanced spring.

Yes, the heat shrink tube is fixed to the rear end of the heat shrink tube.

the heat shrink tube is fixed to the rear end of the heat shrink tube. 

In this way, the shape change of the end of the data cable is small when it receives bending, which is quite different from that without spring. This should be the ultimate protection of the data cable.


It can be seen that the best compatibility is silicone repair mud. Except for braided thread, it can basically be repaired, the heat shrinkage tube is also good, and the data cable protective cover is the narrowest, but the repair speed is the fastest, the operation is simple, and the appearance is better. The neutral pen spring is the most basic repair method, but it can cooperate with the heat shrinkage tube. Good results have been achieved.

In fact, sometimes something that is used for many years is not only a way to save money, but also an environmentally friendly attitude to life. Do you think it is right?


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